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SCENAR-therapist — North America

Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM
North America

tel. +1 905 468 0033 (land line), Toll-free+1 855 468 0033
web-site www.scenar.biz

“The fascinating perfection of the highly sophisticated functional system, such as a human being, assumes a presence of powerful mechanisms of self-correction and natural healing — and I strongly believe that medicine of the future will have a great respect for these mechanisms. This medicine in the most natural and delicate ways will help us restore the harmony of our being, returning people the Art to see, to understand, to realize themselves as intrinsic and precious parts of a much bigger whole“.

Dr. Irena Kossovskaia

Irena Kossovskaia is a Doctor, a Scientist, a Psychologist and a Teacher. A top eye surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at Nizhni Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia, she is the author of 36 research studies and medical inventions and a laureate of Lenin Komsomol Prize in Science and Technology (the Third highest science award in the USSR). Furthermore, Dr. Irena has education and experience in practical psychology and public relations. In North America, Dr. Irena practices as a Doctor of Natural Medicine.

In 1996 Dr. Irena was introduced to the integrative medical research in bioenergy and informatics — SCENAR technology, which heightened her interest in holistic medicine. She joined the SCENAR research team, which included Dr. Alexander Revenko, Dr. Yuri Gorfinkel, Dr. Josef Semikatov, Dr. Alexander Karasev and other top Russian scientists - the developers of SCENAR technology and methodology.

Dr. Irena became a pioneer in taking the SCENAR technology to outside of Russia. Together with her Russian colleagues, she extensivly worked on adaptating the Russian SCENAR training to Western standards. She is the author of many publications on SCENAR and of the first English translations of SCENAR literature. In January 1998, in the Bahamas, she directed the first SCENAR training outside of Russia, conducted by the RITM research group.

To this day Dr. Irena continues to work with the originators of SCENAR in Russia, fascilitating the development of this revolutionary technology. She is closely affiliated with ISTA (International SCENAR Technology Assosiation with headquarters in the UK) and is an ISTA Registered SCENAR Trainer.

Dr. Irena's ongoing research ultimately resulted in the development of a new health care concept, Systemic Interactive Medicine, which integrates SCENAR with other advanced medical technologies. SI Medicine treats any acute or chronic pain and the disorders that cause it, whether physical, mental, or emotional in nature, with 90% efficacy. In 2000, Dr. Irena's company, MediSCEN (Canada), opened the first SI Medicine Health Centre in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. The clinic is also a training facility in the art and science of SI Medicine and a resource centre for health care practitioners and general public alike. Being the most experienced SCENAR trainer outside of Russia, Dr. Irena developed a comprehensive education program in Systemic Interactive Medicine, which enriches the original SCENAR training by giving it a new perspective and integrating it with other technologies working on the universal principle of systemic interactivity. Various modules of this program have been taught on a regular basis over the past five years across North America and abroad.

A dynamic presenter, Dr. Irena uses her skills during frequent speaking engagements. Her topics include a broad range of health issues, concentrating on a client-directed health system and “Healthcare by Self Care”, which is also the title of her new book.


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