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Olga Antonovna Statova

11-1 Sokolova str., Rostov-on-Don, Russia
tel.  +7 863 263 16 34, +7 863 278 16 25

“No matter how good the device is. First of all SCENAR is an additional method of treatment. The patient comes to a doctor, to a person, not a machine. Now many doctors have no time to just talk to a patient, pay attention to him and his particular problems. For SCENAR-therapists such attitude is unacceptable…
Concentrating on the disease the patient is complaining of is wrong. People who know the abilities of SCENAR therapy can unwind the spiral of disease history and find out the original source of the problem which caused the present condition of the patient. Having found the cause of the present disease, your main task is to eliminate it. Most SCENAR-therapists can do this with the help of SCENAR, their knowledge and experience.”

Olga Statova, Rostov-on-Don, Russia