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Experience with 735

Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM | 4.08.2005

I have had good results with the 735. Here are some of my thoughts and experiences.

I really like the 735. To use it properly does not require less skill or knowledge than the other SCENAR devices.

You might not need to know all of the objective SCENAR protocols but you do need the subjective skills that come with experience. The skills that tell you:

  1. When the patient is cooked.
  2. How much to push to make a change.
  3. How much change a patient can handle at one time.
  4. What the signals of the body are.
  5. Where in the healing cycle the patient and/or area is.
  6. How to spot the secondary asymmetries.

I would not want to be without at least one of the other SCENARs. If I had to choose between the 735 and the 97.4 or Acuscen I do not know what I would do. My suggestion is to have both.

Each person is unique, each device is unique and the interaction between each person and each device is unique. I have a 735 (LET Medical), 97.4 (RITM), 97.4+ (American) and an Acuscen (Acuvision).

The 735 is great. The good news and bad news is that it has a mind of its own.

Simply put SCENAR therapy can be explained as breaking down unhealthy patterns, giving the body a new healthy direction and supporting the body in this direction. The 735 is very helpful in breaking down the unhealthy patterns and supporting the body s new more healthy direction. It is not always so good at helping the body choose a new healthy direction. It has mind of its own. Sometimes the direction that the 735 is choosing is different from the direction that I am choosing.

The 735 has a very holistic approach. Again good news and bad. It does not always let you work on a specific area or problem. For example a small area of pain. Sometimes the 735 wants to do more. If someone comes to you just for the pain the 735 will work sometimes and other times go deeper and perhaps take more time and treatments.

There are four different signals given by the device as to when the area is complete. I have only once seen all of them signal at the same time.

It is more complex doing the objective SCENAR protocols with the 735. It is really a different device.

Here are two specific experiences with the 735. These cover the full range of my 735 experience.

The other day I treated my 7-month-old daughter with the 735. She was born with a lot of toxins in her system and had a virus. I have treated her many times with the Accuscan. I had always been a little reluctant to use the 735 because of it having a mind of its own. But I got intuitively to use the 735. I checked her abdomen for stickiness and found one spot around her liver and one around her spleen. I went with the liver first. Once I have found the areas of stickiness I generally do not paint with the 735 but just leave it on the area. The change in her skin tone correlated to the auditory sign from the 735 that the area was complete, called a "full dose". I moved the device to the spleen area. The change in skin tone happened before the device gave any indication of having dosed or full dosed. So I removed the device. The results where good. She was happier and her skin tone was more uniformed over her whole body. Under her eyes compared to the rest of the face. And her belly compared to her face. About a half an hour later she had a large bowel movement. The treatment went well and only took about 10 minutes. The virus was gone.

About a month ago I had a patient with an extreme reaction to the 735. The end result was very good but I would not want to go through that again.

She first came to me with a severe rash. After about 5 treatments the rash was gone. There where still general signs of unhealth. She was over weight, her skin tone did not look healthy and she was usually sweating and spacey when she came to see me. When her extreme response came she had had about 15 treatments. I was beginning to wonder when a more dramatic shift was going to happen. Boy did I find out.

I was treating her spine with the 735. I noticed a change of redness below her left scapula, around the SCENAR adrenal area. I moved the 735 to that area. I noticed her energy starting to shift. After about 30 seconds. She said, “I am feeling weird”;. I said that is good. Change is good. Then she said I am feeling very weird and she started to perspire. I took the device off. She became dizzy, continue to perspire and looked very pale. She walked to the bathroom with my help and threw up and had a very extreme bowel movement. I have had extreme responses to treatments before but this was the most. The 735 is very powerful.

The next day I spoke to her and she said she felt better than she had in a very long time. She has had four treatments since. She is doing well. My opinion is that her body was holding some very negative energy patterns for a very long time. Even though this pattern was restricting her health it had become comfortable for her. She needed a big shift to let it go. She got that big shift and is now on her way to health.

I think the 735 is a great tool. I do think it does a lot automatically. I do not think that you just place it on the body and it takes care of everything. The practitioner does need knowledge, skill and perhaps even wisdom to use it properly.

I could go on. This is all the time I have for now. If you have any questions.
You can call me +1 914 715-9783.

Dr. Laurence Brock

The materials were provided and published with permission of Dr. Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, MD, PhD, DNM
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