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Infertility and EX735Ag Modific

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 10.11.2009
Patient Age/Sex: 32/Female

Device used: Modific silver and gold
Mode of action: Cosmodic, A2

This 32 year old female was referred to me for infertility for six years. Her husband had been found to have no urological problem on checkup at various clinics, and neither does she. They had gone through several painful sessions of IVF(in-vitro fertilization, or test tube baby) in vain.

She looked rather obese and depressed on first meeting and showed abnormal energy collection (or asymmetry) on some lower trunk area as expected from my experiences in infertility cases. This time, I decided to apply Modific and both electrodes of silver and gold alternately.

High R value areas on 3 Lines and some specific area on lower trunk area regardless of R value were given treatment. I told her that she would have a baby within six months of Cosmodic treatment, which was in favour of the population policy of Nature.

After 1st session of therapy, a very mild but significant healing reaction, left lower abdominal pain, was observed. After 2nd session, mild healing reactions of generalised ache, hot sensation of right posterior thigh, nausea appeared. And, there were many blood clots during menstruation. After 6th session, slight abdominal pain was felt but there was no usual severe ovulation pain at all. She felt more invigorated and amiable in mood. Two sessions per week, total ten sessions of treatments were given.

I asked her to try conception according to her ovulation cycle and wait for the result that Cosmodic and Nature would bring for her family in the near future. Her menstruation cycle has been regular in good quality and quantity during monthly follow-up.

Last week, her parents visited my clinic to deliver a good surprising news (Not surprising to me as I expected the result Cosmodic would bring, not disappointing us.) that her daughter was pregnant for 8 weeks and very healthy, about five months after Cosmodic treatment.

I hope that the fetus whom Cosmodic, the child of Alexander Karasev, had helped being in conception, will be healthier and happier when he or she comes to this world.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea