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SCENAR-therapist — Seoul, Korea

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim
Saekyung Longevity Clinic in Integrative Medicine
208-12, Dongsung B/D 5th Fl. Jamshil-bondong, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea

tel. 0082-2-2202-2208, fax. 0082-2-414-1484
e-mail careline@unitel.co.kr

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim is a certified physician. He has been practicing with clinical research by integrating Western, Eastern and other alternative medicines based on philosophical and scientific grounds as well as on practical ones. He is especially interested in energy medicine applicable to human healing system.

Dr. Kim specializes in the treatment of cancer and various disorders with integrative approach.

He first knew about SCENAR some time back and has been following any information that he could regarding its progress. Strangely enough, the info he found from other manufacturers of SCENARs had no mention of the inventor — Alexander Karasev. He then did more search on the internet and found web-site of Vivienne Constad and through her site — the site of “LET Medical”.

He now includes EX735Ag and EX735Ag Modific in his work.