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EX735Ag Slider x2, а true companion to both patients and therapists

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 21.10.2013
Patient Age/Sex: 54/Female Diagnosis: Lt. facial palsy for two days

Mode of Action: Scenar and Scenar-Cosmodic slider automatic
Energy level: Minimum to Medium, automatic
Total action time: 30 minutes
Area of action: Lt. face, Lt. neck, and Rt. foot area
Therapy outcome: Complete cure

A female monk visited due to sudden left facial palsy for two days with severe pain of face and eyeball. She also complained of accompanying severe photosensitivity which prevented her from seeing during the daytime without sunglasses

She could not bite the food properly and drooling of saliva on the left mouth was observed.

Initially, Scenar was given to the Rt. foot and Scenar-Cosmodic slider automatic was given on the left face with medium and minimum energy level followed by Scenar.

After thirty minutes’ intensive therapy, pain and palsy of left face disappeared completely and she walked out of clinic without sunglasses, not complaining of any photosensitivity.

Slider x2 Ex735Ag is truly a sensible glider which guides both patient and therapy into the land of healing.

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea