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Abnormal fusions of temporoparietal cranial sutures (EX735Ag Modific)

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 7.04.2008


A very fascinating and exciting experience for both patient and me. A patient is a 27 years old buddhist monk lady suffering from the abnormal fusions of temporoparietal cranial sutures accompanied by headache and poor concentration. Her face color and symptom have suddenly normalised even though I had only opened up the blocked energy channel with Cosmodic and my manual energy for 10 seconds in total. So, I did not give the dose to see the result on later visit. On second visit, the cranial suture fusion seemed to have stopped and her skull deformation 70% normalised. I gave the dose at two active areas this time. She is now back to the temple in the deep mountain and reported to me last week that she was in good condition. I think her pure and sensitive energy state helped the healing a lot even after such a short interval of therapy. I forgot to take the photo, but I will take it on her later visit.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea