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Observations since more use with Slider x2

Vivienne Constad | 9.04.2013

I have noticed that when working with Slider x2 I feel that I have an increased sense of connection with the body of the individual that I happen to be working on. Also, that I appear to be more able to sense the need for changing to more appropriate settings for specific areas. This used to happen more often for example if I took a particular liking to someone, however currently I don’t even have to resonate with him or her at all!

In general the results achieved are more pronounced a short time following the session although in some cases an immediate effect is noticed.

For example those with neuropathic pain, in the past have become quite uncomfortable when seated for any length of time. However with Slider x2 it appears that even after an entire hour they are able to rise and walk without any further difficulty or even stiffness. Which is quite surprising.

Within 2 hours from the time the session finished dramatic results are being reported to back to me.

In the case of one young man who appears to be a picture of health with exception of a musculoskeletal accident recently, had almost no effect immediately after the session and left the room feeling very slightly that something had changed but not sure what or how. Then after two hours he felt radically different and by the next morning was 95% improved.

I saw him a second time only and after this session he was 100%. This feels amazing to me.

What is also an advantage, especially for those who are a little skeptical, is that I can plug in a tablet probe and give it to the patient whilst working somewhere unrelated on them. Almost as if I were distracting their skepticism by including them in their own treating. No one wants to think that what they have done isn’t working so they then appear to tune in to what we are doing and we work together and get even greater results. This is very motivating for both of us.

I also find that my body temperature increases when I am using this device. Not a great deal but enough to increase the flow of energy and increase my own circulation. The physiological area that I have been working on appears to dramatically increase circulation and can become quite pink. Almost always the eyes of the person become very clear and they begin to look more vital — alive.

Some individuals do respond differently to others but always there is a result, be it at the time or much later on.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK