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Using SCENAR-COSMODIC devices at home for family needs and testing new EX735Ag Modific

V. T. Ivanchenko | 11.03.2012

I am familiar with these devices since 2004. After I have had treatment with doctor, Candidate of Medical Science, I. I. Fedotyuk, I learnt about PS705Fe and other SCENAR-COSMODIC devices. Of course, the main argument for medication-free therapy was the fact that I have cured of my practically “incurable” (as my urologist said) kidney disease.

Since I lived in another city of Ukraine, I had to buy devices for myself and my family and friends. Now I own nearly all models, from Myoscen to Modific, and none of them is useless. My daughter, who is a dentist, often uses VX735L, alone and with remote electrodes, in her practice. She always carries PS705Ag in her bag. I always have PS705Fe with me while travelling, after I have had a heat shock in summer, when being out in the street. I could get myself back to norm within 20 minutes with the help of this device. At first, I just held the device on my palm, then in the region of the heart, as I had intense tachycardia. Now I call the device “emergency aid at home».

During these years we had many cases of “miraculous healing” with my family, friends and friends of their friends. If I remember all the acute situations which typically lead to emergency department, operative surgery, or intensive care at hospital, the cost of the devices has been compensated completely. And being able to avoid surgical operations and all moral and physical distresses, which one has to endure because of this, is really invaluable, as well as a possibility to help your loved ones during first minutes and hours of the disease. The earlier you put the device to the problem area, the sooner you will get rid of the disease and all problems that may follow.

Here is just one of the serious cases. In 2008 my husband had infarction when he was at work. Doctors did three electrocardiograms. Me and my daughter treated him 1–2 times a day, in turn, for 40–60 minutes, using VX735L and EX735Ag Modific. A week later ECG showed no signs of infarction. During the next 2 years we treated him at home from time to time, for different complaints and as a preventive measure, when needed. Two years later, he had a medical check-up at work. The doctor got confused about ECG results and decided to make Holter monitoring during 24 hours. The results were really amazing: all indices were excellent, and even no coronary heart disease! At the age of 63 years!

This year, after having meal in a cafe, he complained of heartburn and I treated his whole abdomen thoroughly with the new EX735Ag Modific-Slider. The result was that the discomfort was gone after 10 minutes, but his colon had cleansing reaction for 3 days, while general well-being was good.

There were also some cases where EX735Ag Modific was used to eliminate pain in the colon, stomach and ureter — the pain was gone after 5 to 20 minutes.

I also had to treat my neighbor’s cat — Don Sphynx breed. He had been ill for 9 months, took antibiotics and other medications, he stopped walking, was just lying all the time, with his eyes closed and didn’t open them for several days. His eyes were discharging pus. I started treating him with EX735Ag Modific-Slider with remote electrode from the very beginning. The cat opened his eyes after 30 minutes. Two sessions later he started to walk and eat. Now he recovered and is healthy.

Conclusion: SCENAR-COSMODIC devices used at home for treatment and as a preventive means are the best insurance of your health and they are completely worth their cost.

V. T. Ivanchenko
Krivoy Rog,

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”