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Results after using ENS within the first week

Sandi and Phil Cooke | 13.04.2020

When I was 11 I fell off a horse, didnt land that badly but I am a sensitive soul and feel pain a lot. I dont have any pain tolerance and since then (I am now 62) I have been in pain with my back. I have spent years riding horses for a living. 80 hours a week sometimes and, of course, have had more falls. I dont mind falling off its the landing I cant handle.

Anyway over the years I saw everyone with an ology in the medical profession, had X Rays, TENS, CT scans, MRI scans you name I have had it from numerous health pros. I have had injections into the spine of various sorts, spent time in heat treatments, wax treatment, physio, osteopath, homeopaths and RIFE treatment. My body is COLD even though I dont feel cold with a temperature of just 35 even when hot plus I have creeping trigger points which started at the sacroiliac joint and went everywhere over the years apart from my shins and forearms and hands. It hurt to stand, sit, walk, lie down and if anyone poked me even gently I would yelp in pain. I have scoliosis, spondylitis, ankylosis, spondylosis, damaged discs and herniated ones and sciatic nerve pressure. All of which I was told should not give me the pain I am in. Its like my muscles are fatigued around my lower back and all of the buttocks. I cant crouch as I cant get up and sitting onto the floor once having failed to get up, even the short plop onto the floor rendered me paralysed from armpits to hips. The core muscles did not work. This had happened previously after lying in the dentists chair having root canal work for three hours. The dentist fixed the tooth pain but next day when I awoke I was paralysed in the same place as before and that took 6 months to wear off gradually with my being on crutches most of the time and the effort of getting upright was tremendous.

They thought maybe I was allergic to the adrenaline in the anaesthetic but dont know for sure. So as recently as 4 months ago I saw another set of so called specialists that dealt with bones and muscles. Again they said my back bone was good for a woman my age the nerve conduction was fine (my left foot is numb and creeping) and the rheumatology lady said it was a PAIN SYNDROME!

I am not imagining this PAIN, it is not in my head its in my back/buttocks. You know when you hold your arms out to the side level with your shoulders and hold a brick in each hand, eventually the muscles fatigue and you have to put your arms down, eventually its not possible to hold them out there. Well that feeling you get when the muscle is screaming and you have to put the bricks down. THAT is where my muscles START before I do anything!!! Things like leaning over the sink to wash dishes or bending over weeding the garden (I cant kneel as had two broken knee caps that are too sore 7 years ago) or even sitting eating at the table leaning forward to the plate is painful. So there are lots of things I cant do anymore, like get down to tune the video or DVD player. I cant sit on a hard chair due to something like a trapped nerve under my thigh that I got from being stuck in awkward position for 7 hours one day home alone when I was paralysed! That resulted in a torn calf muscle and the numb foot!

So thats just a fraction of what is wrong with back/buttocks/sacroiliac area. BUT And this is the AMAZING news I used the ENS on my lower spine on the sacroiliac area for a total of 10 MINS ONLY and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I am PAIN FREE!!! Yes, PAIN FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MORE THAN 50 YEARS!

OMG I cannot believe it! I can now walk instead of waddling. I have been out in the garden weeding and whilst I had back ACHE after that it was an ACHE not PAIN. The back ache I remember when I was 10 which is normal! I have been taking it easy!!! Just doing a bit then back on the ENS but I can HONESTLY say that within 10 mins I was cured after 50 years! I cannot believe how much pain I was in until it stopped! I can sit and eat without having to support myself on one hand and I am working on the underside of my thigh that hurts when I sit on a hard chair. In fact, I could not sit on a hard chair, always had to find a cushion or take off my jumper. I sat on a hard chair for 3/4 an hour with only mild discomfort so have a little more to go there but I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU THE GOOD NEWS!!!

I am SO happy and SO SO annoyed I did not know about your amazing technology years ago! I have wasted most of my life being in pain!!! Since the 1960s!!! I can even run slowly!

Husband also says thanks, as he had a gout attack come on and he zapped it out of existence. Tomatoes, strawberries and asparagus always give him gout so he avoids those but after a curry he started with the red toe tingle which he chased away with the ENS then next day purposely ate tomato sauce in a pasta dish and no gout!!! So he also is ECSTATIC!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. This technology sure works.

5 days later

Yes, the miracle so far is holding up!! And its had some hammer lately as I go about the farm work with renewed vigour. In fact, with any vigour... not sure HOW I did what I do all these years now! I feel like a well-oiled machine. Still got aches but they are aches not pains. I am 62 after all!

Now, I am not one to be vain, hardly every look in a mirror, but husband keeps saying how well I look (and me him). All I see are wrinkles lots of them, BUT my furrowed brow now seems to have an area in the middle (where I put the ENS for a session of a few mins to feel the different power levels) and what do you know. I can feel these furrows are not as deep as the places either side where the ENS was not put!!! Watch this space. I may have to take a photo!!! To see the change!

Husband also thinks this ENS has a presence a sort of personality and we refer to it lovingly and thank it after it has fixed something else.

Sandi and Phil Cooke
New Zealand