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Preliminary results and personal impressions of using EX715Ag and PS705Ag for treatment of my son, suffering from epilepsy

| 23.03.2007

(Extracts from the letters sent by a user)

Male patient, 23 years old.
Diagnosis: Epilepsy

My son was treated with EX715Ag from May 30, 2006 till February 17, 2007

Before we started treatment with EX715Ag my son had to take large doses of anticonvulsants: 2 tablets of Topamax (each tablet is 100 mg) x 2 times a day and 2 tablets of Depakine chrono (each tablet 500 mg) x 2 times a day. This was very destructive for his liver and intellectual abilities. The latter could not develop due to every-day convulsive fits (one or two fits a day).

After we purchased EX715Ag the first thing we had to resolve to was reducing the dosage of anticonvulsants gradually.

My son had been ill for 19 years; my husband and I could not even imagine that one day we would be able to reduce the dosage of anticonvulsants which our son had to take daily. But after the first two weeks of using EX715Ag the fits became much rarer. For example, before we started treatment with EX715Ag, my son had 1 or 2 fits every day (usually these were large convulsive ones and sometimes the fits were in the form of wags), after the first week of using EX715Ag the pauses between fits were 2—3 days (we hadn’t started to reduce the doses of medications by that time yet).

Further on, after two weeks of treatment with EX715Ag, we started to reduce doses of Topamax. Sometimes my son had no fits for 7—9 days in spite of decrease of the dose of Topamax. Frequency with which we reduced the dose of Topamax was different and depended on how my son was feeling and weather changes.

After 1.5 months of treatment with EX715Ag my son stopped taking Topamax at all. Before this he took 2 tablets (100 mg each) of Topamax 2 times a day and 2 tablets (500 mg each) of Depakine chrono 2 times a day. Then within the following 4 months we could halve the dose of the major anticonvulsant — Depakine chrono. After 5.5 months of treatment with EX715Ag the everyday dose of this medication was 2 tablets (1 tablet twice a day).

When we reduced the dose of Depakine chrono we took into account unfavourable days for people sensitive to weather changes and also days when there was a full moon. We never reduced the dose during such days.

After the first month of use, in addition to decrease of the dose of anticonvulsants, the EX715Ag produced another effect — there was no tachycardia after the fits, which usually followed large convulsive fits before we started using the device. Besides, my son became calmer and we could now understand each other better and agree on how he should behave.

To summarize the 8.5 months during which we used EX715Ag for treatment of our son, we can say that we have some good results. During this period we could dramatically reduce the dosage of anticonvulsants which he has to take. Beginning from February 15, 2007 he only takes 1/2 + 1/16 of 500 mg tablet of Depakine chrono twice a day, i.e. now the single dose has become nearly four times as less. He does not take Topamax at all for nearly 7 months. And this decrease in dosage of medications did not increase the number of fits, vice versa, the fits became much rarer (sometimes he had no fits for 11 days, in December 2006).

Of course, we would be even happier if his intellectual development went that fast too. But as long as the Depakine chrono is influencing his brain, even the reduced dose, and as long as he has fits, which hamper his intellectual development, we cannot yet achieve such result.

From February 19, 2007 till now we are using the new model — PS705Ag instead of EX715Ag.

Today is the fifth day of treatment with PS705Ag and the fifth day without any fits! Isn’t that wonderful!!! Before this he had fits for 5 days every day (this happened when our poor old EX715Ag became crazy because its casing was broken). And before this, during nearly a month (from January 16 till February 12, 2007) he had fits every other day (one large convulsive fit and sometimes wags too). The whole month before we got the new device our son reacted negatively to the constant weather changes. These last days the weather is the same (above zero during a day, sometimes raining, and below zero, over 10 degrees, at night), so the good changes are obvious, he really feels better now.

We really love our new PS705Ag. It has many advantages, I think, as compared to the very good EX715Ag, which we like very much too.

First, PS705Ag is simpler to operate (though it seemed to me that EX715Ag is very simple to use). What I especially like is that I even don’t need to push the button to go into “active area search” mode. Everything is automated, like in EX715Ag, but even simpler. There is no need to remember how high the bars and diagrams are and compare all of them (especially there are a lot of them when doing 3 pathways on the spine). It is much easier to watch and compare different number of LEDs (1 to 8) which light up during active area search in PS705Ag, than height of the diagrams on the display of EX715Ag. Besides, if you have poor eyesight sometimes you need to use glasses to compare the diagrams of EX715Ag. So in PS705Ag everything is extremely simple!

Second, this model has a very robust casing, which I was dreaming of for so long. It is wonderful, that you took all the best from EX715Ag and put into such a reliable casing with isolated battery compartment. Another advantage of the casing is that it is absolutely flat and is thinner than the one of EX715Ag. The new device is more convenient in use as it is more convenient to lie on it and strap it to the body.

Third, the electrodes are larger than in EX715Ag, so the action is larger too. After two days of use, PS705Ag seemed to me more powerful than EX715Ag. It completes doses faster. Besides, during these two days we got positive results after treating fewer areas than when working with EX715Ag (I had to be at work these days and could not treat my son for a long time, as I usually did with EX715Ag).

And finally, the price of PS705Ag is much lower than that of EX715Ag, which adds to its advantages. I would recommend this device as a primary choice for personal and family use.

One more thing, after just two days of use I noticed that PS705Ag has a more powerful influence on my son’s brain. It is so difficult to “wake up” his brain after 20 years of use of medications, which hampered brain development. Reaction of the brain to the action of PS705Ag reminds the one caused by su-djok applied on hands and feet. But reaction to PS705Ag is milder than to su-djok; after sessions of su-djok he always became aggressive, though usually he is a very calm boy. Roza Muzafarovna Smysovkaya, his doctor, explained that it was OK, as we send irritating signals to the brain with the help of massage.

You made my dream come true with PS705Ag which is brilliant in its simplicity. You could combine wonderful features of EX715Ag with a more convenient and reliable casing, and reduce the price. By the way, I did not have time to read the instructions manual for PS705Ag yet, but after you worked with EX715Ag it is absolutely clear how to operate PS705Ag.


Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”