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I am stoned

Harriet Lee | 17.09.2015

    I have a SCENAR story...

    I was wakened in the early morning with lots of ugly pain in my abdomen...kidney stone, I have been down that stony path before. I finally got the “Bright” idea how about I use my device..so I did. I was able to get the pain “gone” and go back to sleep.

    This morning I passed the largest stone I have ever passed on my own.. no hospital just me and my “sweet baby” (VX735Ag). I am amazed and grateful. There is still something in the area, like some raw tissue, but, Oh, boy, I am home and able to engage in my life without having to wonder how can I manage these very unexpected events. I have a partner to assist me (SCENAR). I am so grateful to have a choice..

    Hearing the stories is helpful, they give you direction and awareness, but living the story makes you a REAL believer. Not that I like the “living” it part so much.

    Thank you for all your assistance getting me to a place where I can exercise a viable choice for my wellbeing at a time when I am not at 100% mentally or physically.

    Sincere gratitude,
    Harriet Lee and my Sweet Baby VX735Ag

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA