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Using SCENAR series models in traumatology and orthopedics

Irina Komarova | 23.06.2003

(Abstracts from report at "Session of Traumatologists" in R.R.Vreden Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, St. Petersburg, January 16, 1998.)

I would like to tell you about my 3-year experience of treating my patients with a unique device and share most interesting facts and observations gained during this period.

The device, which I have been using for treatment for over 3 years is SCENAR. This is an abbreviation of: Self-Controlling Energy-Neuro-Adapting Regulator

There is another name for the device: Therapeutic Regulator of Psychosomatic Homeostasis

SCENAR came to this world over 15 years ago and our doctors started using it 4 years ago. Our military department needed a simple and safe device, which could quickly decrease psychoemotional overloads and physical fatigue. Such device was developed by the inventor of SCENAR, an engineer Alexander Alexandrovich Karasev. SCENAR gained great popularity and was used not only by military object operators, but also medical institutions of the Ministry of Defence and in the Kremlin.

At present the device is patented in 26 countries and some analysts consider SCENAR as a new medical technology. What makes them think so?


The device works off accumulators. At the same time it does not have to break skin resistance, as it happens in other classical methods of physiotherapy.


The device uses information about pathological changes in organs and tissues available on skin. SCENAR can distinguish norm and pathology and that is why it is an expert in doctor's hands.


The device configures itself according to information got about condition of organs and tissues. If there is pathology record available, the device adjusts its action to these pathologically changed pulses and sends them through skin to the centers, creating dominant about pathology. This means it sends the patient's pulses, his own pathology, with his own signals at the expense of its electric energy.

This way the device interferes with the inner environment of the body making its reserves work.


From all I said about how the device works, I wish you remember the following. SCENAR adjusts to information got from the area the device was put on. If body condition in that particular area is normal, it is reported as a norm. Pathological condition is only reported about after the device has smoothed changes of electromagnetic potential in the organs and tissues affected by pathological processes. Acting by the method described above, the device activates delayed or suppressed adaptation systems of our organism.

Three years ago my colleagues and friends from hospital in Pushkin persuaded me to consider SCENAR as a new method of treatment. I took a course of lectures about SCENAR and after that my husband and I decided to purchase this device. During these three years of having it, I had to use SCENAR for treatment of nearly any pathological condition. The device is universal and can be used at home instead of wasting your time in clinic or hospital.

Clinical examples


Patient N., male of 38 got into traffic accident. Injuries included intra-articular fracture of the right shin-bone and right patella. Osteosynthesis, first day after operation. Promedol could not relieve pain. Action upon peripheric part of the right foot eliminated pain within 3 minutes.


Patient E., female of 38, music teacher. Diagnosis: osteochondrosis. Acute pains occurred suddenly. She could not either sit or lie. The patient was conducted 2 sessions of SCENAR-therapy which resulted in 8 months remission.


Patient B., male of 21, professional driver. Diagnosis: rupture of ligaments of the first metacarpophalangeal articulation of the right hand. Two sessions of SCENAR-therapy eliminated edema and pain in 24 hours. The patient could get back to work in another 24 hours.


Patient A., male of 37, former submarine officer, sportsman. Weight — 100 kg. Was traumatized while playing soccer. Left knee joint was twice bigger in size than the right one. Diagnosis: synovitis of the left knee joint. Three sessions of SCENAR-therapy of 30 minutes each during a week resulted in complete recovery.


Patient M., female of 80, restorer. Diagnosis: arthrosis of the left hip joint. Exacerbation period — 6 months. Pains caused insomnia. Treatment in three different clinics produced no effect. The patient was conducted 17 sessions of SCENAR-therapy which resulted in 1.5-year remission.


Some years ago SCENAR was used by mountaineers of the combined team of USSR. One of them was informed about his son having toe gangrene caused by frostbite while being in the mountains. The patient was delivered home by plane and had to have his frostbitten toes amputated. The father has been treating him with SCENAR 4 days long making only short breaks for sleep. Blood circulation and sensibility of the toes was completely restored. After SCENAR-treatment the young man could successfully continue going in for his favourite sport.

Total number of the examples of treating various diseases with SCENAR makes up 87 cases. Remission and recovery was observed in 95% of cases. I can also cite information about patients treated with SCENAR from observation data in Taganrog SCENAR-center. Total number of observations — 1298 cases. Recovery and improved condition made up 90% of cases.

As for traumatological and orthopedic types of disorders, from 581 cases of osteochondrosis 88% of patients recovered or improved their condition. From 37 cases of polyarthritis 87% of patients had positive results of SCENAR-treatment. 95% of 19 patients suffering from arthrosoarthritis experienced positive effect of treatment.

SCENAR-therapy produced no effect in 2–13% of cases. Most common examples of no effect after treatment were the following. SCENAR produced no effect on the patient having contraceptive ampoule implanted into the body, patient suffering from Bechterew's disease, in case of intolerance of electric actions, double-sided arthrosis of hip joint caused by lingering diabetes mellitus.

I am sure that SCENAR can be successfully used for traumatological and orthopedic pathological conditions and other diseases, as well.

Absolute contra-indications are:

  • presence of cardiostimulator;
  • acute psychosis;
  • acute infectious diseases of unknown etiology;
  • implanted foreign bodies;
  • individual intolerance.

SCENAR is safe in operation for both patient and doctor.


Complications during SCENAR-therapy are exacerbations of the pathological conditions. In orthopedic cases, which, as a rule, are characterized by lingering pathological process, exacerbation of pathological condition occurs in 20–25% of cases. 10–15% of cases are osteochondrosis conditions. Exacerbations are manifested by non-typical acute pains. Medications which could relieve pain in such cases do not help. The pain can only be eliminated with SCENAR device. Exacerbation of the pathological process is rather hard time for the patients. Though at present there are methods helping to effectively eliminate exacerbation very soon. While reading reports about SCENAR-therapy I found description of 16 cases of atrophic cirrhosis successfully treated with SCENAR combined with herbs and homeopathy. I used the same method for treatment of arthrosis and osteochondrosis. No exacerbation occurred during treatment. Over two years I am applying SCENAR together with herb therapy and have not observed any exacerbation yet. Frankly speaking I cannot explain this phenomenon as a practician. Maybe this will give a start to some new developments in this field.

I can make a guess though. While acting upon the human body SCENAR makes its inherent reserves work. Apparently herbs increase or restore these reserves. In my practice I used two models. I used SCENAR series model 035-3 for three years. This model can be applied for a wide age group of patients — from infants to old people. During a year I also used SCENAR series model D-VX611E. Principle of operation of these two models is the same, though the 611 model is more powerful than the 035-3 (4 times as much). And while using the 611 model, one more contra-indication should be born in mind — circulatory insufficiency in the third or fourth degree. SCENAR series model 611 is really indispensable and highly effective for urgent traumatology purposes, in cases of burns, frostbites or acute pains in orthopedics. During this year the device always helped me to eliminate pains of any origin and acuteness.

I have another model to show. It is SCENAR series model D-PS603, which is perfect for drivers, especially in case they need urgent help.


Professionally and properly used SCENAR series models can work as a real expert in treatment


SCENAR is a universal device. You can treat any diseases both in acute stage and in remission period with it.


Effect of SCENAR-treatment is higher at acute stages or during the first hours after getting trauma.


SCENAR can be successfully used for elimination of psycho-emotional overloads, physical fatigue, contiguous conditions - something between disease and well-being. The device has great future in sports traumatology.


For SCENAR our skin is an information field reporting about pathological conditions available in our body. Through skin SCENAR can provide action upon the inner environment of our body.


Remember that maintaining homeostasis in our body should always be first of all. Our body is a very flexible system. While using SCENAR, one flexible system — our body — is acted upon by another flexible and self-regulating system — SCENAR. Maybe this is what provides such success in treatment.

I hope that our young scientists in the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics will get interested in observations and experience gained by former hospital physician during all years of working with SCENAR and they will be able to find answers to all questions which arouse in doctors' practice.

SCENAR-therapy and SCENAR-examination have a great future and may become fundamental methods of treatment in the XXI century.

Irina Petrovna Komarova
Traumatologist practicing in hospital # 37, in Petrodvoretz, home phone: +7 (812) 420-00-12,
St. Petersburg, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”