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Using “LET Medical” devices in dentistry

Tatyana Vasilyevna Kolchenkova | 10.06.2014
In my clinical practice I use SCENAR and COSMODIC devices for over 167nb years. I have worked with several models produced by Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics “LET Medical”: SCENAR-035-1, SCENAR PS705Ag, SCENAR-COSMODIC EX715Ag. I have finally decided in favour of EX715Ag which I got in 2005. I am using this device in dentistry until now and very happy with results.

Range of application:

Range of application:

Total patients — 196
Male — 110
Female — 86
Pains disappeared on the 3rd — 4th session.

Exacerbation during periodontitis

Total patients — 740
Male — 464
Female — 276
After removing dental deposit and antiseptic treatment of the mouth cavity SCENAR therapy is applied to the region of jaw projections. Unpleasant sensations disappear after 1–2 sessions.

Pains during exacerbation of chronic periodontitis

Total patients — 616
Male — 310
Female — 306
The tooth and root canal are opened, i. e. drainage started. SCENAR-therapy is applied to the region of the painful tooth. This provides increased drainage, relieves pain and reduces swelling. Total 3–4 sessions needed.

Pains or unpleasant sensations after canal filling

Total patients — 916
Male — 306
Female — 610
SCENAR-therapy to the area of the treated tooth. Unpleasant sensations disappear after 1-2 sessions.

Alveolus pains after tooth extraction

Total patients — 124
Male — 44
Female — 80
Pain is eliminated after 2 3 sessions conducted during a day.

SCENAR and COSMODIC are unique devices. During so many years of use it hasn’t become an “addiction”. At work and at home it has become a big helper. Many patients after realizing the way it works have bought the device for use at home. Many people are grateful to A. A. Karasev for such invention.

Kolchenkova T. V., dentist, Sochi