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SCENAR — ideal doctor…

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov | 9.06.2003

Sometimes familiar and well-known things could be seen from quite different point of view. While I have been working as a doctor of neurological ward of special-purpose physiotherapeutic hospital in Taganrog, I was rather skeptic about SCENAR series devices. Compared to the basic therapy complex used in medicine including procedures for local and general treatment, which require much time, effort and money, this small device weighing about 150g looked too unreal to believe it could produce any therapeutic effect. But after I had a chance to witness the effect SCENAR-therapy produced in several cases observed by myself, I totally changed my mind.

For example, patient N., male, applied for help suffering from pronounced pain syndrome in the vertebral column irradiating to the left leg. Due to concomitant diseases and patient's age, full complex of physiotherapeutic treatment was impossible. Of course, the patient was on medications, was conducted electrophoresis with novocain, and… SCENAR-therapy (twice a day). Four months before being put in our hospital the patient had been conducted both ambulant and hospital treatment with full medication course. After two days of treatment in our hospital, pain syndrome started abating. Further on, the physiotherapeutic procedures were enlarged according to indications, but this is not the most important achievement. The patient, who after a long course of medications and physiotherapy observed no positive dynamics, could feel bettering of his condition after having included SCENAR-therapy in the process of treatment. I have observed several such cases during my medical practice, but I did not relate the positive dynamics produced by treatment to SCENAR action. However, the more I discussed this effect with the doctors who had been practicing SCENAR-therapy for quite a long time, the more I got convinced that SCENAR-therapy really produced high therapeutic effect. As I still had some doubts about this method of treatment, I decided to meet with the inventor and developer of SCENAR-therapy method, Alexander Alexandrovich Karasev, who apparently could answer all my questions about this. From our talk I realized that with every new model SCENAR series devices are developed to higher level, taking into account all the shortcomings or inconveniencies of the previous models. Alexander Karasev produced an impression of a talented, experienced, and devoted to his work professional, showing profound knowledge of both medical and technical subject. During many years he gained great research and development materials which are now used in designing of new models. After this meeting, to be totally sure of the effect of SCENAR-therapy, I made up my mind to more often include SCENAR-therapy into the usual complex of therapy course. Very soon I noticed that SCENAR-therapy produces positive dynamics quicker and more often. Some time later I purchased my first SCENAR series device — model 035-4. It was really working therapeutic wonders. The more often I used SCENAR-therapy, the more convinced I got about its high effect of treatment. At present I have several SCENAR-series models and I am sure I can really help the patient. How does SCENAR work? The device acts upon skin with special electric pulses changing together with the change of skin condition during treatment. As a result, the device action evokes body reactions aimed at restoration of the lost functions. This way SCENAR regulates misbalanced body systems and the process of treatment is realized through restoring and harmonizing body's own reserves.

SCENAR-therapy produces really wonderful effects of treatment, but we are living in a real world and should be realistic. SCENAR does provide restoration of body tissues, organs, systems and functions, but only in those ones which have not been affected by irreversible processes! That is why I recommend to take more care about your health. It is always easier to prevent the disease now than to treat it later, when it affects you.

If you have any questions, or need treatment I will be happy to help.

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov, neurologist
Taganrog, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”