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Treatment after sarcoma resections

Vivienne Constad | 26.07.2019

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Patient’s testimonial

Female, 42 years of age.

“Following two sarcoma resections and a dire prognosis, my confidence and strength, both defeated, I had lost hope. My sister and partner battled on in an attempt to find an alternative. They found an article about a woman who had completely reversed her prognosis; she had won the battle, without the white coat army!


I met Dani and Vivienne at my worst. They were a force, an inspirational powerhouse. Their steadfast belief in their ‘protocol’ had motivated me and after just one session I felt a sense of ‘me’ again. Their holistic approach made me feel like an individual (a depleted feeling from years on the hospital conveyer belt.) I felt ready to fight again, albeit in a more peaceful way.

The diet changes presented me with some challenges, but once I started to listen to those around me, I gave up focusing on what I couldn’t have and started to enjoy the beautiful food, lovingly cooked for me by my partner. And I finally started to enjoy the prescribed celery juice!!!

My time with Dani and Vivienne has become increasingly more meaningful, meetings have taken different forms and I have felt able. Able to talk about emotions, able to discuss the future. I genuinely feel lighter after a session, more positive and empowered.

Others have noticed it too. I have gained weight. I smile. The demons are starting to fade away.”

More about the case:

At the time of the original diagnosis she had been told that the tumour was the size of a rugby ball. It could not be operated on.

Eventually after much research she found someone who was willing to operate.

At this time there were 7 more tumours discovered and the prognosis following the operation was not good.

In fact, she was given just a short few weeks to live. This was in January 2019.

Although they removed all that they could, one small soft tissue sarcoma from the lung was not removed. She was left with a series of zigzag scars across her torso from base to top and a mass of scar tissue. That is what we were presented with at her first consultation with us.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK