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Postoperative treatment of Stage 4 Bowel Cancer

Vivienne Constad | 25.07.2019

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Female, early 40's
Professional diagnosis: Stage 4 bowel cancer operable.

Testimonial of a patient

“In March 2018 I was suddenly rushed into Hospital, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer which had metastasised to my liver. I underwent an emergency Operation to remove the Tumour which was blocking my Colon.

I was 40 years old, a runner, so keeping fit and healthy was my priority. Leading a busy life with my 3 children, husband (who are my world), not forgetting our 2 dogs and a business to support.

My diagnosis came as a shock as the symptoms didn’t surface until a few weeks before, where my tummy area became swollen (just like I was very pregnant again)!

My world definitely came crashing down after my Operation as I faced a 3-month treatment of Chemo, 1 x Operation on my liver and further Chemo. This was delayed however, as a few weeks later they found a further primary tumour in my lower bowel, as a result I was faced with a further separate Operation to remove the rest of my Colon and a short course of Radiotherapy too. I felt like a rabbit in headlights, didn’t know which way to turn, I didn’t feel in control of my life anymore and felt very negative about my future.

In this negative mindset that I had, (which lasted a few months) I wasn’t interested in helping myself at all, therefore I convinced myself that some alternative treatment that I was having for around 18 months before which involved muscle testing on foods hadn’t helped my situation, and therefore I turned my back on this.

Facing a gruelling long recovery ahead of me, I woke up one day and found the strength to fight and felt more determined than ever to do everything in my power to see my children grow up, I couldn’t even think of them growing up without me around, just as I had lost my mum to Cancer when I was just 8 years old.

In May 18, I started on Chemo and was making me feel so unwell, emotionally wiped out and empty, I started to search websites on anything that could help the situation I found myself in. As I was doing this, I took a quick look at my phone and the Sky News headlines came up on my page about a Rugby Players wife and her terminal Cancer disappearing, I was hooked on her story and clinging on to any hope I rushed upstairs and showed my Husband, it mentioned Vivienne and Dani’s treatment, so without any hesitation I sent an email.

On my first consultation with them I had all the hope that they could help me, although I did feel pretty sceptical at first. My husband accompanied me although a little more sceptical than myself but wanting the best for me.

I had a few sessions with Cosmodic ENS and followed the diet plan given to me by Dani, and although it was explained to me that the best they could offer me whilst I was being treated by medical model would be the possibility of reduction of any side effects from chemo I still whilst on the Chemo felt better in myself. During this time, I decided to re-start my additional alternative treatment with my local clinic, as I realised this complimented the work that the ladies practiced and liaised with them regularly on this. I felt very privileged that at times I had 4 Therapists treating me in their own specialist fields and it cemented that positivity in my mind regularly as similar results were being discussed throughout.

At the end of 3 months of Chemo, I had to make a big decision whether to carry on with the medical treatment or be treated solely with the ladies. As I had seen a few changes within myself for the better, I placed my trust in the ladies and carried on my treatment with them. Much to the anger and disappointment from my Consultant to whom was totally not wanting to even listen or even read about details of the Cosmodic treatment, after giving her the website to look at.

From Aug 18 (once off the Chemo) every time I was treated with Cosmodic and Asyra Qest 4 I saw and felt changes happening, I started feeling stronger once more, they were giving me hope and faith that actually this combination is working. It wasn’t just plain sailing though, I had to work hard with meditation, and following a strict diet, as using food as medicine, with preparing lots of veg for juicing twice daily and making sure I was getting rest for my body to heal was very draining and very hard, however I was totally committed as I was getting positive results in the way I felt, every day was different.

My Consultants were writing to me and trying to convince me that I needed my treatment plan in place asap, they were calling me and sending me appointments for my Radiotherapy and Operation, which made me feel very stressed and not in control. However, I decided to stay headstrong and go the way I felt was right.

In Nov 18 myself and my husband decided to purchase a Cosmodic ourselves for self-treating as we had seen so many positive changes happening and also due to the amount of travelling weekly for treatment took its toll also.

As Vivienne and Dani were happy with my progress, they didn’t need to see me as much, as I feel so much stronger and I see life so much different to what could have been if I had decided to carry on with my gruelling medical treatment. These ladies have literally given me my life back, and as the saying goes, ‘I owe my life to them’….

As I write this in May 19, I now travel to London once monthly, this is for a check in with Dani - Asyra Qest4 rebalancing and any required amendments to my food or lifestyle plan and Vivienne for her expertise with Cosmodic ENS. I then self-treat in between and presently, my Consultant has agreed to see me regularly for an update.”

The case:

At our first consultation, both this lady and her husband attended.

We were very clear with them both that whilst we would be prepared to support them / her with the chosen route of recovery, the way that both ourselves and medical model work are at polar opposites. That the very most we might be able to offer throughout a chemo journey could be a decrease of side effects. True recovery would only be a possible at a time when traditional medical treatment would be at its end.

Justification for this:

We work by rebuilding the immune system and detoxing the body of heavy metals, pathogens and inflammation. We use therapeutic doses of specific foods as medicine plus looking for and finding the causes of imbalances in the body. These imbalances generally have their root in unprocessed emotional trauma. Once discovered and actualised by the client, they can become resolved and dissipate. This results in the body no longer regenerating the construct for said dis–ease.

The protocol enables us to see change and progress straight away at the first session. The protocol activates the parasympathetic nervous system (repair and rejuvenate) thus instilling positivity and calm in the client. This is opposite to the fear and anxiety that our clients seem to experience following a visit to their oncology team.

We begin by taking a full and detailed case history followed be a rebalancing session using bioenergetic feedback. ENS technology is then used to facilitate the process by returning corrected programming to the brain. The information gathered is used along with our specialised expertise to customise a specific lifestyle and food plan.

This lady left with a smile on her face and a slightly confused but happy husband.

Dani always asks an individual to commit to a minimum of 3 visits.

Visit 1 — To gather information via case taking, re-balance the client energetically using bio energetic feedback and formulate and deliver a customised the plan.

Visit 2 — After implementing the plan for 3 to 4 weeks the second consult is a check in and to adjust current dietary needs. We then start the process of concentrating more deeply on an emotional level. This involves meditational techniques, yoga and/or the right exercise programme. Rebalance the body using the bio-energetic feedback device.

Visit 3 — Making any further necessary amendments to diet plus looking deeper into trapped or unprocessed emotions and destructive belief systems. Rebalance the body using the bio-energetic feedback device.

Following these 3 important visits to Dani it may be arranged by request for further nutritional assistance and balancing or when Vivienne feels it necessary by observation during her twice weekly sessions.

Each time we had the privilege to be working with this lady, her husband had been present. The only time we didn’t see him in session was at school holiday time, when he had to entertain the kids outside whilst we worked together in session. However, over the time that we saw them throughout the treatment we observed that they appeared to grow more together and supported each other along the way emotionally. Within a very short space of time any scepticism from either of them had totally gone. They were both on board and sharing the journey.

If at any time along there was any worry on any level at all we were at hand to dissolve any fears. A brief text message to arrange a call put everything at rest.

Their decision to buy an ENS device was made for several reasons:

1. To be able to self-treat as and when needed, reducing the number of visits as their journey was several hours long each time.

2. This lady was now in recovery with a reduction of tumours, some still seen in her scan, but this was inconclusive as to whether the tumour was active. There was no metastatic action. The lady was a picture of good health and feeling very well. She still follows a special lifestyle and food plan and will continue to do so.

3. The fact is that this family now own a tool to self-treat that would help to keep them in optimum health which they can use without hesitation, for emergency and preventative measures. Plus, any additional nutritional advice is only a phone call away!

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK