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Leg injury in a dog. EX735Ag Modific

Vivienne Constad | 6.05.2008

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Mskini, my dog, was sitting beneath my friend last night and when she got up she forgot to look where she was (she is very jet-lagged) and stepped on to Mskini.

We were not sure exactly where she was injured as she just screamed and screamed and would not put her foot down at all but I checked it and could not see any damage at all or feel any, although she did not scream more when I touched it… so we could not understand if was her shoulder or what??

So I used Modific and in 1.31 minutes I had 4 doses, 2 to each inside of ear… this was the only place she would let me work, after this she disliked any more…

What it did, I cannot tell but she slept on my bed and this morning was still screaming again and would not move it or put it down.

I could not tell if she could move it at all.

So we took her to emergency vet. We had to wait 2 hours to see them and the moment she saw the vet… she jumped onto the leg and ran away fast!!

You can imagine how I felt… happy that it was not broken and cross that I had wasted so much time when so busy.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK