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Injury to the lip, teeth, gums and jaw bone

Vivienne Constad | 1.02.2008

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Case history

45 yrs Female

In general, relatively fit.
Not overweight, drinks only on a social basis.
Pro-active and outdoor type, robust, strong and country born.
Horse rider.

Medical history:
Had many minor injury's related to horse riding, throughout the years but none serious or hospitalised for any length of time.
Sustained a hairline fracture to the jaw after a riding accident some years ago which resulted in some major dental work but all was fixed and rectified and no other related conditions or repercussions have occurred since.

Presented condition She had a fall some weeks ago down some stairs and landed at the bottom of the flight hitting her face and front teeth onto a wooden hat stand.
This caused one of the crowns to come out and some serious pain and swelling.
On seeing the dentist the following day work was then scheduled to take place within the next few weeks to replace all of the existing crowns as they were found to be leaking and decay could get in. But also gum and bone augmentation would be required as there was found to be a hairline crack in the jaw bone.

Monday 19th November she underwent four and a half hours of surgery by the dental surgeon, and returned home with 18 internal stitches in the upper lip.
There had been bone and gum augmentation to many places around the jaw and gums and the swelling was very severe.

She felt unable to use the 735L device that I had given her to use in this instance as she felt only capable of going to bed and lying down.
She had not used a device herself before and was unaware of the effect it may have for her, even though I had tried to explain, prior to her surgery.

Here are the photos of how she was once she got home, these were taken by her with her phone.

I called her by telephone on 21st and she explained why she had not touched herself with the device. She thought that she would have to press it quite firmly to her face which was very painful still. She simply was not confident in doing that so she had decided not to work.
I explained to her that it would be better for her to at least work on the cervical neck area as all work is best done from the CNS first and then if necessary locally.
So she started working from the back of the neck every 2 hours. After the first session the swelling was much less and she was then able to begin to work locally also.
She kept doing as I had instructed for each day following and came to see me on my return Friday 23rd November.

This is how she looked when she came to me:

I used EX 735 Gold Electrodes.
I worked from the neck first and then the entire face for 66 minutes and 7 seconds.
Having taken diagnostic readings first I proceeded in order of body's priority, first, second and so on.

This one after session:

She felt very relaxed after, all pain much relieved and she was able to speak without speech impediment that had become since the surgery.
She went shopping , first time out since the surgery and returned after 2 or so hours.
We worked again for 35 minutes approximately after which she said she felt virtually normal again.
We took further photos after and now she was able to actually eat a meal. She had been on liquids since Monday unable to eat anything that was not soup!

She has now returned the 735L that she had rented from me and is now purchasing EX 735AG!

She wants to work again after the next surgery when the temporary crowns are removed and the permanent ones are put in.
Also she has an ailing dog and wishes also to work on her husband.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK