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Facial paralysis, eczema, arthritis, prostate problems treated exclusively with EX735Ag Modific

  | 17.02.2011

I have been working with SCENAR therapy for the past 3 years and specifically with “LET Medical” devices (PS705 and EX735Ag) for the past six months. I am greatly impressed with the ability of “LET Medical” devices, especially EX735Ag since the therapeutic results I have achieved are greatly superior to other SCENAR devices I have used in the past. I own a small alternative medicine clinic in Santiago, Chile and your SCENAR devices have become greatly appreciated by my patients as well as impressing some of my colleagues.

I have treated about 150 patients with the PS705 and EX735Ag devices with immediate and profound results in the great majority of cases, using the therapeutic manual and intuition as a guide. Most of these patients were treated in conjunction with other therapy modalities such as ozone therapy and magnet therapy. A few patients were treated exclusively with EX735Ag with very good results, so I am quite confident of the device's ability.

Here are a few patients treated exclusively with EX735Ag (Modific).

Patient 1:

Female 55 years, domestic employee. Had suffered facial paralysis on the left side two weeks ago. Not able to move face muscles at all and no skin sensibility to pressure, temperature or pain.

After treatment with EX735Ag of six points of face, skin sensitivity returned immediately, coarse and fine sensations. During first treatment, six points, three tracks and facial nerve (neck) were treated. 40% improvement aprox. in paralysis and near 100% recovery of sensitivity of skin on the face.

Patient was treated for 3 weeks, 2 or 3 times per week. After third week condition has improved 80–90%, patient is in good spirits and very happy with treatment. One week later follow-up treatments are given (3 treatments every other day). Full recovery from the facial paralysis achieved at this point.

Before treatment (patient asked to close eyes and smile)

After 3 weeks of treatment (patient asked to close eyes and relax face)

Patient 2:

Female 30 years, student. Excellent lifestyle, yoga teacher. Presents skin eczema on eyelids, hand, nipples and genitals.

Skin is red and dry. The patient is very sensitive to the machine, she feels “tension dissipating all over body” when EX735Ag is applied to 6 points of face. She is extremely happy with the treatment and how the device feels.

She feels immediate relief during and after treatment. She says that after first treatment, only a few hours later, important improvements are seen. Next session eyelids are less swollen and less red.

After three weeks of treatment 2 or 3 times per week, condition is greatly improved in eyelids, nipples and genitals, however some eczema remains on hand.

Before treatment
Before treatment

After 1 week of treatment
After 1 week of treatment

After treatment
After treatment

Patient 3:

Female 37 years, house wife. Had facial paralysis 8 months ago which has not responded well to conventional treatment. Patient has only improved about 30% in the 8 months since conventional treatment began.

6 points and 3 tracks are treated with EX735Ag device. A lot of tension in back and neck. Patient feels immediate relief and “loosening” during and after treatment. Skin sensibility has improved almost to 100% after first treatment. She says she feels her face muscles (cheek, mouth and eyes) with much less tension and "softer". She also says that the skin on her face has improved (smoother and less blemishes). After 3 weeks of treatment, 3 or 2 times per week, patient has recovered 90% from facial paralysis, still has a little tension on cheek.

Patient 4:

Female 50 years, unemployed, legally handicapped: stays home due to pain. Suffers advanced arthritis and severe back and knee pains. Grossly overweight (110 kg, 156cm), borderline-deficient cognitive functions. Presents Kushing?s syndrome due to heavy use of cortisone for many years.

At first patient is very skeptical of treatment and machine, but after first applications to the knees, with EX735Ag, most of the pain is quickly eliminated and patient is convinced by the treatment. Knees, hips, 3 tracks are treated, providing immediate relief of pain. Corticosteroids are suspended. After 3 weeks of therapy with EX735Ag she can walk and stand without pain, 90% of general pain eliminated and arthritis in remission. Patient also has much improvement in mental state and seems very happy.

Patient 5:

Male 65 years, retired. Had prostate cancer 2 years ago. Underwent “radiotherapy”, radioactive implant in prostate. Low energy level, low libido and complete impotence.

3 tracks (especially lower back), 6 points, lower abdomen and perineum were treated with EX735Ag. Patient noticed increase sensations in genitals and increasing libido after 2 weeks of treatment. Also patient noted overall improvement in well-being and mood. After 1 month of treatment (3 times per week) patient is regaining sexual potency (60% improved according to him), he is in a very good mood and skin looks very rejuvenated.

Alejandro Colodro Mailer
certified integral medicine therapist
Santiago Chile
email: alejandro.colodro.m@gmail.com