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Vivienne Constad | 2.11.2005

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

Case 6. Broken toe. Presented condition

Pain when walking or moving foot, having fallen. First, small toe next to big toe. Some inflammation around tarsal area and some bad twist to meta tarsal bone of same foot but mostly damage to phalanges.

Broken toe. Toe diagnosed to be broken after falling from a step. (The patient preferred SCENAR-treatment to traditional methods).

Case history

Female 44 yrs. Very fit and in general good health. Eating habits only organic and fresh, no processed foods at all. Grows a lot of own produce. Keeps it with Yoga and exercise, in a good relationship and generally of happy disposition.

Past medical history.

No known major disorders. No operations. Some dentistry.

Treatment with EX715Ag

Only worked locally as problem quite new, within 2 days. Worked in S1 (A) and kept device mostly on the swollen area phalanges until swelling reduced. 16 minutes.
Then worked also in S1 (A2) around the whole tarsal area until it became more comfortable, 27 minutes. The size was by now reduced and the toes no longer hot to touch. Pain relief was working. Many, many minimum doses before I stopped. I changed to S3 and worked gently in all areas that I had already attended to for some extra relaxation as the patient said how nice that feeling was. Within 12 minutes or so more the device turned itself off!


I did ask her to call me the following day but she misunderstood and when I saw her this week, shopping she apologized and said she had thought it was just a one off thing and that once the body was started off into the healing mode that was it and she would have to wait now.

She is fully recovered now so maybe she wasn't so wrong!

Case 7. Back injury, acute lumber pain

Presented condition. Pain to mid and lower section of lumbar region. Wanting a quick fix as can hardly walk. Back injury. Pulled heavy articles at work.

Case history

Male 57 yrs. Over weight (not grossly). Drinks on a regular basis but not always. Reasonable diet but could be improved on. Social smoker.

History of severe migraine and constant headaches. Takes medication on a daily basis for this (unprescribed) uses Solpadine, 2 x twice and occasionally 4 times a day.

Past medical history

20% deafness. Tinnitus approx. 10 yrs. High blood pressure (taking prescribed medication).

Had scarlet fever as a child. Dislocated thumb some years ago. No trouble since.


With VX735 Ag

Worked for 15 sessions twice weekly and then took a break. Within this time, in fact after 3 sessions, dosage of headache pills halved and readings shown by express analysis showing lower bracket (blood pressure had stabilized). After 6th session headache pills stopped altogether and readings more balanced and stable. Tinnitus worsened. Throughout rest of the course the improvements continued and the tinnitus stayed, sometimes eased and sometimes worsened. Sleeping became unsettled. Took a long break and the moment the headaches worsened again some 10 or so weeks later the patient continued Solpadine again!
Has not come back until now.

With EX715Ag. NOW

Worked in S1 (A2) to all of pained area (as in doing pathways). Then still in S1 placed device at highest activity areas, picked out by 715 and felt by my hands. Worked nearly dosing twice, but 14 to 15 minutes and the pain had reduced massively.

Total time worked — 16 minutes.
Mobility as normal and felt great, head feeling good too.


Is back on and off taking Solpadine but Doctor is happy with his previous worsening blood pressure condition as it seems to have stabilized. Still taking his prescribed med for that. Intends to resume further SCENAR when time permitting in near future. Is happy with treatment so far.

Case 8. Injury caused by fall, acute back pain

Presented condition. Pain to bicep on left arm. Can not move arm to certain positions behind trunk of body. Injury caused by fall last spring. Apparently, whilst on holiday in spring, had a fall on a ship down some steps and landed on side of body, hitting on several steps on the way down.

This caused severe bruising to all of left side of body from neck to foot. On being examined nothing further was diagnosed. Patient was very stiff and in pain for some days. On her return home, still in great pain and inability to walk easily she contacted me.

Case history

Female 54 yrs. 15yrs ago had heart problem diagnosed. Had operation to put in balloon to keep valve open. Had no problem since, but taking minimal dose of Warferin daily and Degoxin 250mg daily. The other valve leaks also but not enough to warrant further surgery.

Past medical history

5 yrs ago suffered whiplash and although better sometimes tender and tense now.

Occasionally back plays up, lower and middle. No reason diagnosed.

Suffers headaches and sometimes they become migrainous approximately once every couple of months or more.


With VX735v5Ag.

Had day 1, day 3 and then twice weekly for 13 sessions.

Headaches ceased after 3rd session. Bruising changed immediately and continually new bruises came up and went throughout the whole first course. (We were both very excited with her changes and breakthroughs!) Break was taken at this time but after 13 days she broke her toe and came for 5 further sessions for this. Following this she was away for some weeks and healed well during this time.

Her last visit here was 19th July 2005.

With EX715Ag

Now is 30th September 2005 and approx. 2 months later. She reports today that 3 weeks ago the pain in the arm (bicep) began to creep back and gradually her mobility has lessened and lessened.

We now worked with the 715 as follows. Working in S1 (A2) only. Stimulated all shoulder and arm point on pathways from cervical neck to mid thoracic and locally around collar and shoulder areas (as in pathways). Then went locally to projection of muscle (bicep) all over dosing, very easily. Most work kept to left side of body — 14 mins.

Then pectoralis major — 10 mins.

Then went to points of pronator teres and brachialis (both) — 3 mins 17 secs.

Total time 27 mins. 17 secs. after which all pain gone, 70% more mobility and recovery.


My feeling is that when she has fallen she has bruised the radial nerve and this is taking time to recover.

She has a very positive attitude and will complete her healing process well.

2nd session with EX715Ag on 3rd day after last session

Reported a lot of improvement. Benefits and pain relief stayed until Monday (day of session) in the morning. Then, it worsened a little but not as much as before. Noticed her sleep has been improved, not waking up to need the toilet in the night. And can feel now exactly one spot on the inner elbow where the pain is, with one finger. Before it was the whole of the upper arm.


Worked in S1, A2. Placed the device at its end and stimulated the 3 pathways in the section from the cervical neck area to the lower thoracic level and then some more across on the horizontals out towards the arm and covered the shoulder area.

I then used the flat side of the device and gently but firmly pulled it across the same area looking for strong signals.

I dosed in all the appropriated areas according to the device, the first dose was given in 2 minutes.

I found the spleen needing some attention and dosed here also.

I then moved around to the front of the body and continued to work around the shoulder and found the radial nerve very active and tingling down to the hand. This dosed at 56% showing in the circle!

This caused a tingling sensation to fingers in both hands which then subsided, and a pain to one finger. 30 secs later these sensations had all gone to leave a feeling of hurt to all of shoulder.

(The stronger feeling of tingles was in the right side).

Next I went back to the spine and found a very quick dosing to 2 places — spine and top of shoulder (collar area), 4 mins.

Then to spot on arm locally where she had felt original pain, 1 minute.

Then she was complete.


All pain gone completely and feeling great. Full mobility of arm.
After 14 mins and 47 secs into the treatment mobility and lifting improved. Total session lasted 40 mins to relieve all symptoms.

October 10, 2005

Presented condition

The patient called me yesterday and said she could not move, asked to come to her place and help. When I arrived she was able to stand up and she opened the door but moving at all was a problem. She had bent down to plug an electrical socket and not been able to get up. Her back had locked and was very painful.

Her arm that we had been working on is now recovered, it seems.

Treatment with EX715Ag and VX735v5Ag

I set the 715 to S1 (A2) as usual and proceeded to just hold it in all points surrounding the area from L1 downwards.

I also set my VX735v5Ag in CS at 40% on the opposite point paravertebral.

We had 2 doses after 10 or so minutes with 715. After 25 minutes most pain had been relieved and she was able to stand up.

I dosed once more with the 715 slightly to the right side of last dosing and then asked her to stand up again, from the sitting position in which I had worked on her.

She stood up, walked about very easily and smiled. Gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said: “I knew you could do it!” And she went out of the room.


5 minutes later she ran back into the room dressed in a cocktail outfit, smelling like a perfumery and announced she was ready for the taxi to take her to a dinner dance to meet her husband who was expecting her to attend a very important dinner for his business!

October 11, 2005

Presented condition

Very much improvement since the day before. She could drive and walk and move around from side to side. Very carefully as she is nervous of doing the problem again.

The relief from the previous session had lasted until bedtime, the pain had returned but not as bad as before, but she did not sleep well as it disturbed her. Bending over slightly eased the pain. She says she thought the sciatic nerve was affected and the pain was running down to her leg again. But I believe it is the femoral nerve that she means because of its position.


We worked again with the 715 and I brought out the 735 also as a 2nd device for help.

Within 20 mins I attained 3 doses, all around the sacral area. Then the device turned off. She was still in some discomfort so I turned on again and did concentrate on the femoral nerve and the top of the leg. In 10 mins I attained 2 doses and 715 turned off again.

Then a specific pain (sharply) was felt at the level of L1 so I dosed again and in 3 mins 4 secs dosed on this point . Then all pain was relieved and she felt fantastic.............. another kiss!!!

At this point I notice her hand is swollen and her fingers very puffy. One hand is worse than the other. So I took the 735 and on her fingers just lightly stroked the device up towards the heart (body), to reduce the swelling as it is fluid retention. And I found a release point in the mid arm just above wrist on inside - a certain point where the express-analysis went up really high and the patient felt a strong feeling from the device and then as if a blockage was released, the swelling reduced very fast, the sticky reduced and the excess energy seemed to disperse. This clears the hand, swelling is gone and only now one finger is still puffy. I can not change this one finger so I now finished.

This work on the hand took 12 mins. CS mode and E40%.

She can now stand with her back straightened, pain in leg has gone, hand is no longer swollen, finger a little reduced but still a little puffy.

Today she is much much better, a little pain but we shall now wait until tomorrow.

Case 9. Severe headaches

Presented condition. Severe headaches. Complaints of ache in neck and shoulder (tension). Often, this happens 2 or 3 times a week.

Case history

Male 60 yrs. Remarkably fit, exercises every day. Diet good. Supplements used daily. Manual worker.

Past medical history

Since a young child had weakness in lungs / nervous system related disorders.

Always takes care not to pick up colds, coughs and flu virus conditions as he is prone to doing so easily.

Travelled extensively many years ago and contracted Amoebas, and hepatitis which have since been addressed and health restored.

Recently finding small problems to a thumb, tingles in fingers of same hand. Also one knee.

Treatment with EX715Ag

Started by stimulating 3 pathways completely using S1. Then worked very intensively to cervical neck area, also in S1, A2. Continuing into whole of collar zone.

Once tingles felt in hands and fingers and completed minimum dosing several times this area finished.

Then moved to lower lumbar region and carried on dosing 4 to 5 times around the sacral area. 715 then switched off!

The patient then, feeling much improved still had some more defined pain to forehead. I then turned to this area and the 715 turned on easily. In S1 / A2 treatment was given to point of pain on head above the eyes. Then dosed on each side of neck just below ear (vagus nerve).

Now the patient was completely out of pain but feeling quite light headed! I gave him a glass of alkalized water. He rested.

This whole procedure took 40 mins.


Actually this person has been a patient of VX735v5Ag on a regular basis prior to the EX715Ag session of today.

The case history is described for the benefit of this report, however his case has been set over 3 courses with very long break periods in between, approximately 3 to 4 months or so.

His improvement during this time has been as follows. At first his headaches were 2 and sometimes 3 per week. Vomiting, blind flashing lights, spinning feelings and general inability to stand.

Now he is only experiencing headaches once every 2 or so months and sometimes less and sometimes more depending on workload. But the headaches are now lifted very easily by either 715 or 735 and often in less than 14 minutes for total pain relief and complete recovery. Usually he feels them before they take hold, which is also a new thing!

Also total avoidance the old pattern of 3 to 4 days off work and vomiting and flashing lights etc.

The thumb had developed a lump which has now retracted and his knee that was paining and had started to stiffen has also now fully recovered.

Case 10. Damaged knuckle of little finger

Presented condition. Pain in little finger. Swelling and redness, Misshapen and lumpy.

Damaged knuckle. Pulled pond-weed from pond in garden and fell in and crushed joint of finger.

Case history

Female 68 yrs. Over weight (slightly). Does not drink. Good diet. Reasonable exercise.

Past medical history

Deviated septum to nose and sinusitis 30 yrs ago.

Hairline fracture to L2, 18 yrs ago after C-section at birth of youngest child. Had Crohn's disease after C-section and had lower bowel removed and was put on steroids for 2 yrs. All cleared up.

Has to take powders each morning to aid digestion and processing.

Hysterectomy 15 yrs ago.

Since a child, whenever stressed stomach always showed symptoms of upset.

On waking each morning middle finger of right hand is bent over and has to click to straighten up.

Right knee had cartilage removed 40 yrs ago.

Treatment with EX715Ag

Worked in S1, A2.

Used device directly on to most worse looking part of finger and most pain. Got no response here for the first treatment, had to work back side and side of finger to get signal and contact. 6 mins 49 secs x 2 doses and then other side of finger 1 more dose.

Then just massaged with 735.

Total time 25mins.

Finger straightened, was able to place it close next to others, impossible before, it was bent! Less pain but not much less. Joint cracked and then reduced in size by 30%. At the end the pain became a heavy feeling and no longer a pain.

Waited 2 hours and then worked again.

After 7 mins 30 secs the wrist swelled and felt bruised. A further 10 mins and this went down and ceased hurting. Swelling on hand much reduced. 10 mins 40 secs dosed on wrist and on, then next on finger, bad side. Flowed fast by dose on opposite side. 2.13 mins dose on finger at backside of joint (3rd dose) after further 2.46 mins 4th dose knuckle side.

The work with 715 was followed by 3 mins in 40% CS of 735 to both sides of whole hand and finger massage.

2nd day. First session

Very pleased with result so far. Finger much more mobile, bending more over 60% reduced in size and shape more like normal. Less pain. No other reactions anywhere! Had night as normal, does not sleep well normally for the last few years, since son died. Also able to touch finger with other hand with no pain.


12 mins 11 secs gave first dose to outer edge of finger. Further 5 mins gave 2nd dose to under side. Further 3 mins 23 secs — 3rd dose to outer edge of side of hand.

Followed by massage with 735 on both sides of hand, max dose twice.

2nd day 2nd session 3 hrs later

Since earlier joint became purple. Also following the earlier session by 10 mins, the pain suddenly became increased to unbearable. She did not know what to do. Just as she was thinking to take a pain killer it suddenly went. It then became a bearable slight hurt until now and the pain went right up to neck area.


46 secs till first dose on top of inner side of knuckle joint. After next 2 mins followed dose to underside of knuckle. Then next 3 mins 20 secs — 3rd dose higher towards palm of hand. Then next 7 mins 19 secs dosed further up same side on knuckle. 8 mins 21 secs to opposite side of finger at same area dose.

Then massaged lightly with 735 up arm to cervical neck area, checked all trapezius and neck. All now OK.

Feeling better, more mobility, can really move finger now. Bruise has gone down, slight pain not too much.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK