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Case history 4.
Pain in the back, hernia of intervertebral disk

Konstantin Nikitin | 25.05.2012

Centre of intellectual medical technologies “Doctor Nik” Tomsk
Report on SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag Modific (Slider)

Patient: Female, 63 yrs, housewife Complaints: pains in the back in lumbosacral region irradiating into the right thigh.

Past medical history: during the last 7 years, the patient started to feel heaviness in the back, which increased progressively. During the last 2 years the heaviness turned into increasing pain. The patient consulted doctors and was administered injections of Diclofenac and Movalis, various anti-inflammatory ointments which helped a little, but could not stop the pathological process.

At MRT-examination the patient was diagnosed with hernia of intervertebral disk at L5-S1 segment.

Obvious issues: not tall, not fat. Depressed and feeling weepy. Slow gait, limping on the right leg. Smoothed out lumbar lordosis. Swelling and pronounced painfulness to palpation in the lumbosacral region, painfulness in sacrolumbar articulation, on the right. No pathology was detected for bronchopulmonary system and cardio-vascular system. At palpation of the abdomen the patient feels pronounced painfulness in the region of small intestine and pancreas.


We treated lumbosacral region of the spine, sacroiliac joint and regions of projection of pain on the right thigh using SCENAR-COSMODIC Slider 10 mode at comfortable energy level. Average time of action at each area — 5–7 minutes.

Painful areas on the abdomen and liver were treated using SCENAR-COSMODIC Slider 10, for 3–5 minutes each, on average. General areas, such as 3 pathways and 6 points, neck-collar area were treated using SCENAR mode.

Pain syndrome in the back reduced significantly already at the first session. Pain in the back was eliminated completely after 5 sessions.

After the 7th session pain in the right thigh was completely eliminated. The right leg could bear the weight and the patient stopped limping. General well-being had also improved, the patient started smiling. Pain syndrome in the abdomen was completely eliminated after the 8th session.

The patient had 10 sessions in total. Now she is having a break.

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Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”