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Cosmodic — miracles around us

Vivienne Constad | 11.07.2013


I am pleased to say that many of my students are getting results almost like miracles…

Here are some cases that they have reported to me...

All done with Slider x2.

“My mother has not walked in four years, about six years ago she had a small brain stroke, after a few days she recovered but then to our surprise she then stopped walking.

She does not have an illness all tests show as normal. It is simply that she just did not want to walk any more, three people since then take care of her.

On May 10th, I went to see her with my new cosmodic, slider 2.

I did a few minutes in the C7 area a few in the coccyx about 11 minutes total, on May 12th I did another 15 minutes and right after I stopped working she started talking normally to me and moving. She put her body straight (as before was always inclined and down).

The third day I did the face, at the area of the six points and immediately after she recovered fully. She started talking normally and without any help started trying to walk.

She made five attempts to stand up and sit down, and then she started walking and did it!

She walked 20 steps... I left that day and I am planning to come back in a few days to continue.”

Next case:

“On May 10th I took a plane to go to Monterrey a city in the north of Mexico

I saw a Man sitting, with his family around him; he had his eyes closed, and was not moving at all.

His arms and body were paralysed, his family said that he had been hit by a lightening strike during an electric storm...they were taken him to a big hospital.

I volunteered to try to do something with my cosmodic...I just did it randomly here and there.

A few minutes later, no more than five, he opened his eyes, started moving and talking, and ask for food, the flight attendant brought him a sandwich, everybody around wanted to know what is this miracle little machine...”

Next cases, my own.

Male, 63yrs I met a man who in his 60’s was unable to move his neck at all.

He had been a physically workingman for many years but was now left as a security man at the gate of a builders yard due to his disability.

He was about to go on holiday and just by chance happened to mention that his doctor had been unable to help him with any pain relief and that he felt desperate about getting some relief before going away.

I offered to help him.

He told me that he had some breathing difficulties and had previously had heart problems and had been using steroidal inhalers to assist but they were no longer being efficient.

I worked on him at the first session for approximately 45 minutes after which he said that he felt much looser but still in pain. He left.

Two days later he returned. He reported that he had felt marvelous and slept better after the session later that night. Also he had experienced extreme pain for a short moment and a severe headache before sleep.

However the pain subsided the following day and he then felt amazing and had found the mobility in his neck had increased 80%.

I saw him one week later and he simply came in to tell me that all pain had gone everywhere. His mobility had become as normal. Even his shoulders were now loose. He had stopped coughing also and could breathe a lot more easily. He did not require treating that day and said if he should worsen again he would call me.

So far he has not returned and I have heard that he is still at the gate of the yard and smiling each day telling everyone who will listen about his miracle after two sessions!

Female, 47 yrs This lady did not require my assistance for herself (or so she thought) but for her husband who has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and also a son who is very unwell suffering with anorexia and also possible Asperger’s syndrome.

She came to see me to experience the work of Cosmodic in case it would help them all.

She was suffering with sinusitis and slight back pain. She said that she had been seeing doctors for treatment for years and now she had come to a place where she had resigned herself to having these symptoms forever.

Whilst working with her I could see that the device was telling me that she had digestive issues as well as upper thoracic and lower spine.

In all I worked on the areas of the digestion, liver and lower spine and before I had chance to get up to the neck, she felt a movement in her abdomen and her head completely cleared of stuffiness that she had been complaining of. The longest dose was 15 minutes at her abdomen and the total treatment was 32 minutes.

After this she dressed herself and by the time she left the practice she turned and said, I want my husband and my son to experience this — it is amazing!

Female, 26yrs. Taking a high dose of statins for cholesterol.

She is thinking that she is eating a very healthy diet, so surprised to find this. Suffers with constipation, digestive problems, anxiety and has polycystic ovaries.

She avoids many of the obvious foods that may cause the issues and at a point where she is stuck.

We worked for 27 minutes only and her symptoms before working were only sensitivity in her stomach but blockage there. The areas that showed up with the device for her were only the digestive system and lower spine also. But all were enormously inflamed.

At the end of the session she said that she felt no sensations there any longer but looser and more free. That the areas felt very calm now.

At one area at the level over the pancreas she said she felt a tingling sensation after we had finished but that went quickly also.

I saw her two days later and she reported that she had slept as normal but had the feeling that she would need to evacuate several times but had only done so minimally. She was very thirsty and had increased her intake of water now.

Her beneficial effects have lasted still; I have made a few changes to her diet and suggested a couple of extra supplements that she is now using.

I am awaiting her return but so far she is improving each day.

The materials were provided by Dr. Vivienne Constad
London, UK