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Biliary dyskinesia. Chronic cholecystitis. New EX735Ag Modific.

Milena Lipkova | 7.10.2011

Patient details

Gender/age: male, 66 Complaints: biliary dyskinesia. Chronic cholecystitis.

Past medical history: the patient suffered from pain in the right hypochondrium and gallbladder problems for several years. He was on a diet constantly, took a great number of cholagogues. Was suggested removal of the gallbladder, but he refused. He wanted at first to try scenar therapy.


On the first day diagnostic tests in Scenar mode were performed at the back. I found sticky areas in the projection of the liver and pancreas. 2 doses were made at the front and back in Scenar Cosmodic Slider 10 and 3 doses in the projection of liver. The reaction rate was slow, dose was complete in 25 minutes. I attached large schungite electrodes in Cosmodic mode and put them on gallbladder projection for 5 minutes. I put electrodes at the navel crosswise (up and down) for 5 minutes, at his back (in the projection area of the liver) and in front (the projection of gallbladder) for 5 minutes. The patient felt discomfort, but said that «something had begun inside him». In the evening there was a discharge of bile in his stool and he felt ease in the right hypochondrium. On the second and third sessions the reaction of the organism was not so strong.

The patient felt the reduction of bitter taste and less dryness in his mouth and heaviness in the right hypochondrium.

Time of action during session: 35–45 min

Action modes used: Scenar Cosmodic Slider 10, Scenar

Areas treated: 3 pathways at back in scenar mode, Scenar Cosmodic Slider 10 at liver area on the back.

Change of patient's condition during and after the session: in spite of the strong reaction of organism during the 1-st session the patient bear all further sessions much better.

Total number of sessions: 3

Total time of treatment: 2 hours and 25 minutes

Final result of treatment: in 14 days he did ultrasound investigation. His gallbladder reduced to the normal size.


It is necessary to use more soft and gentle methods of treatment, in order to avoid strong reactions (as in this case) especially in cases of cholecystitis. Today, I would use another approach — first of all, I would have prepared the whole organism for the therapy (MYO mode) and only then would begin drainage of gallbladder in SCENAR COSMODIC Slider 5.

Comments on the new device working: the device has lots of versions and modes for work, but it is necessary to know what mode exactly and for what diagnosis should be used to get the desired result. Of course, lots of ideas may appear while working with the device. It is necessary to find all its hidden possibilities while the device is going through testing. No doubt, it is a device of future in medicine.

Milena Lipkova,
psychologist, scenar-therapist
Slovakia and Czech Republic,

Translated by Victoria Karlina “LET Medical”