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VX735Ag — first weeks results

Noor Mohammed | 4.08.2005

© Dr. Noor Mohammed

Below are the results achieved by the new user with 735Ag during his first week of using the device.

July 18, 2005

This morning I used the VX735Ag on a woman age 71 with chronic lower lumbar/ sacral pain and stiffness which she has had for 4 to 5 years.

40 mins treatment in Scenar Max mode resulted in significant improvement in walking function and increased range of leg movements.

July 20, 2005

1. Damaged eyes after glaucoma surgery 1 year prior.

I have been treating this case for 12 weeks prior with the 97.4 and achieved reasonable improvement in function and reduction of swellings. Still the eyes are very sensitive to wind, smoke and other irritants. 50 Min's treatment with 735Ag resulted in good reduction in sensitivity, good reduction in remaining edema, clearer vision and improvement in emotional status.

2. Male age 70 years chronic lung congestion from years of industrial farming, pollutants ingested into respiratory tract from chemical fertilizers, insecticides etc.

50 mins work during first procedure on this new patient reduced chronic irritated chough to almost zero, breathing capacity improved slightly, man is not using any forms of steroid inhalers or other medications.

3. Female 50 years very overweight with chronic lower back pain

X rays have reveled large cyst in cadus eqina and sacral plexus area, cannot operate due to fear of damage to main nerves to legs. I have treated her 4 times over the last month with 97.4 which resulted in 50% reduction in codine painkillers and medium improvement in leg function.

50 mins with 735Ag reduced pain to almost zero with good improvement in function of legs and bending ability to the extent that she managed to touch her toes for the first time in 5 years.

4. Female 40 years acute elbow injury slight bruising, but tender pain around whole of elbow area.

40 mins with 735Ag around sight of injury resulted in 50% reduction of pain and almost total return of function to arm.

The materials were provided and are published with permission of
Dr. Noor Mohammed, Edinburgh, UK