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SCENAR series model VX 735-5 — making progress

Vitaliy Valerievich Zubarev | 10.10.2003

SCENAR series model VX735-5 embodies principles of ancient oriental medicine, which considered that human disorders should be treated with vibrations as close to those of human energetics as possible. Ancient doctors used various herbs, tinctures, decoctions, sound vibrations, mantras, pictures of various forms and colours, mandols, needles and, of course, physical exercises. All these made the basis of treatment. Plants, herbs, figures, colours, sounds, movements were considered as things having their certain unique vibrations, which influence upon organs and systems of the human body could change its vibrations and, consequently, provide recovery from disease. The doctors also knew how it happened. Cells and organs of the human body vibrate with certain frequencies, which can vary within the specified range, causing no pathological disorders in physiological system functioning. The more intensive the vibrations of the body, the stronger the pulse stream going from organs and ability to resist environmental pathogenic factors. The ancients called this ability Tszin — “vital energy”. If a person has little Tszin, his vibrations are too weak, and stronger pathogenic vibrations (for example, bad climatic conditions, environmental problems, bad water and food, viruses or bacteria) can easily push his system out of the physiological threshold, causing disease. Being ill, a person has quite different impulsation — a pathogenic one. The ancient doctors used the whole complex of means and methods to put the unbalanced pulse amplitude in order and this provided recovery from disease. This theory was disputable until in 1995 physicist-mathematician Shipov derived an equation, which proved the concept of physical vacuum. With this he managed to finish Einstein's work and proved that subtle vibrations of the human body and other material and non-material things and phenomena, which later on were called torsion or spin fields, really existed.

All the above-said was used as basis in the process of creation of SCENAR series model VX735-5. The device reads information off the human body and determines if there is any pathological impulsation focus and, if any, determines its frequency characteristics. After that it starts generating specific vibrations, which have the frequency of normally functioning cell or organ. Acting upon the pathological focus, these vibrations put it into resonance with their frequencies and normalize vibrations of the body within its usual physiological range. With healthy vibrations, the disordered biochemical and neurohumoral processes in the affected areas are recovered, inflammatory and pain syndromes are cupped off, tension of vegetovascular system and sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system becomes normal, and formation and utilization of enzymes and hormones are settled back to the norm too. Not only vibrations' amplitude is restored, but the density of body emission is increased too, which, in its turn, enhances potential energy of a man and his ability to resist pathogenic influence. No contra-indications or side-effects have been detected while applying SCENAR series devices.

The 735-5 model has three operating modes: CS, SC and SM. CS is very good for cosmetological purposes when you work on skin of the whole body or face in particular. In this mode the pulses provide maximum action on skin, subcutaneous fat tissue, lymphatic system, skin vessels and muscles at minor depth. The pulses may spread to other body regions as well, but generally they act completely covering the whole skin integument like a net.

SC mode is most effectively used for treatment via nerve fibers, biologically active points corresponding to certain organs, and meridians. The device acting via biologically active points allows to activate the corresponding meridian system and use the channel guiding the pulse through as a conductor created specially for this purpose. This is characterized by interesting phenomenon — multidimensional effect — vibrations going outside the bounds of meridian in the form of sinusoids and acting upon neighbouring channels. The pulses going through energy blocks or stagnated accumulations of pathological energy do not destroy them, as happens with SCENAR series model VX735-3.5, but dissolve them. This means that the pulses can easily go through energy blocks and wash them out, like river washes out sand. Pulses employed in 735-3.5 model do not have this multidimensional effect and therefore cannot penetrate the areas of accumulated pathological vibrations having not destroyed them before. They can only go through the blocks and spread further if the energy block was preliminarily treated and prepared for this. This is a very important feature singling the 735-5 model out of others, since it significantly influences time of treatment, pulse action intensity while reaching the pathological focus, and methods of treatment used with this model. In the 735-3.5 model, resonance is achieved as soon as areas of stagnated pathological energy are worked through, and action of the 735-5 model produces resonance in all points at once, from inside. Action time can be unlimited, since the device does not produce any side-effects, but usually 20 minutes are enough to get the desired therapeutic effect.

SM mode is most effective for treatment of main projections of organs. Vibrations, which the device produces, are diffusively spread in the whole body and simultaneously act upon all linking parts comprising pathogenesis. It should be noted that the first changes begin in the central nervous system and hypophysis, which are responsible for regulation of the body's central control units. And this can be achieved due to high penetrability of the pulses, as was mentioned before. Time of treatment can be unlimited again, though the desired therapeutic effect can be achieved after 20–30 minutes of action.

To crown it all, we would like to say that SCENAR series model VX735-5 successfully combines oriental medicine concept of complex action upon the human body and demand of western medicine for treatment with no complications or side-effects. SCENAR series model VX735-5 can be recommended for both mono-therapy and combination with other traditional methods of treatment.

D. A. Mikhailov, V. V. Zubarev
“SCENAR-therapy” clinic, Kemerovo, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”