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Report on nonstandard use of ENT01Ag remote electrode

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 7.09.2015

The electrode was applied not for ENT organs disease.

  1. I have applied the new electrode to patients with musculoskeletal problems, first of all up to now with the special method directed by Alexander Karasev. The method suggested holding the electrode so that you touch the metal silver tube with one hand and keep the electrode on an acupuncture point, and with the other hand direct the energy through a channel at some other place.

  2. The medical conditions include frozen shoulder, knee joint arthritis, chronic lower back pain, shoulder injuries, finger and toe injuries, cervical neuralgia and so on.

  3. All the medical conditions have got into complete healing after the therapy, between 2 to 10 for each.

  4. All patients experienced slight dizziness, headache and fatigue until after 2 or 3 sessions, followed by complete healing.

  5. The best therapeutic effect comes from Myoscen followed by Slider x2 (Cosmodic mode).

  6. Some patients experienced and told me the energy flow through some known meridian channel. And one patient had an experience of the energy flow in both direction, one up to the top of head and another down to the toe.

  7. The therapeutic method used by Kim

  • In the trunk, head and neck area
  • Applied the electrode on the pain point with another finger on the opposite healthy side of same location.

  • In the extremities
  • Applied the electrode on the pain point with another finger on the opposite upper or lower healthy extremity side of same location. (When lesion is situated at upper, apply the finger on the opposite lower site, for example)

  • After the above “a” or “b” method is done, change the electrode and free finger reversely and apply the energy once again for the reciprocal exchange of energy.

  • Each session of therapy did not exceed more than 10 minutes.

From this week on, I will apply this electrode for the internal organ diseases with Slider x2 mostly, utilizing various major meridian channels and acupuncture points.

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea