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Observations on the work of EX735Ag (Slider x2)

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov | 28.05.2015

I want to share my observations on the work with EX735Ag (Slider x2). During the time I have used the device it demonstrated stable work in various action modes and good therapeutic effect when treating patients with various neurological pathological conditions. I noticed quite quick effect for patients with inflammatory, myotonic reactions and osteochondrosis pains. Solid therapeutic effect was observed when treating patients suffering from myofascial pains, plexopathies, posttraumatic contractures. These pains are usually very hard to treat with standard methods. When using the device, improvement was noticed after 2–3 sessions. Total 10–15 sessions were needed to achieve stable therapeutic effect.

When treating with EX735Ag Slider x2 it is very important to select an appropriate action mode, taking into account diagnosis, medical history and life history, current condition of the patient, and how intensive pain syndrome is. You also need to consider the term, activity and stage of the condition. For example, in acute stage accompanied by pronounced pain, the best therapeutic effect was observed when working in SCENAR mode. As pain syndrome decreases you should use “sliding” modes: “SCENAR-slider auto”, “SCENAR-slider 5”, “SCENAR-slider 10”. Using this or that action mode depends on dynamics of the clinical changes, i. e. if you observe stable and smooth improvement, then you can use “SCENAR-slider auto”. If positive dynamics during treatment is slow and weak or dynamics stopped, then you better use “SCENAR-slider 5” mode. If compensatory abilities of the body are exhausted and intensive treatment provokes reactive painfulness, then it is better to use “SCENAR-slider 10” mode, using low energy levels in automatic regulation or set low energy levels manually. During the course of treatment all these action modes can be used in any sequence.

As for treatment of chronic conditions, also individual approach is needed in selecting an appropriate action mode. For example, treatment of chronic condition in acute stage should be conducted with the help of “SCENAR” or “SCENAR-slider auto” action modes. Sometimes it is worth using “SCENAR-COSMODIC slider-auto” mode. Other action modes can also be used, taking into account dynamics of the body condition.

I noticed that everyday treatment with “SCENAR-COSMODIC slider-auto” mode doesn’t provide stable effect. I have an impression that after a treatment in this mode the body forms reactive processes which last next day also, so if you treat the patient using the same action mode next day also may decrease or suppress further development of the reactive processes, like “resonance” suppression.

While using EX735Ag (Slider x2), this device proved itself as effective in treatment of severe manifestations of pain, even if the treatment is conducted without medications due to contraindications (when the patient has other conditions which are contraindicated to the use of medications).

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov
Neuropathologist, physiotherapist, reflexotherapist

Taganrog, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”

May 06, 2015.