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EX715Ag — impressions after 12 days of use

Vivienne Constad | 29.09.2005

© Dr. Vivienne Constad


September 12, 2005 (first 12 days of use)

1. Size is quite small to hold for any length of time, especially if this for home use and many patients I see have troubles with their hands.

2. I feel that for replacing batteries, having access to the circuitry and workings of the inside device is a little risky, if someone is less than careful they may break it without much trouble.

3. So far I have not been able to give maximum dose more than twice.

4. It seems to take me a very long time to reach Maximum dose. Yesterday, I could not even make it minimum dose in 2 hours!!

5. Would be good to have a recommended format for treating a specific area or starting off, e. g. as with 3 pathways and 6 points, etc. Especially for me, I have some large body people who I feel even though I know where I want to work, I have a difficulty in choosing where to start, faced with such a large expanse of body and little device.
(I have one person who sweats profusely until I clear the thoracic area, 15 minutes, this seems impossible!)

BUT! The treatment with everyone seems to be an initial change is very very fast to the area in pain relief and/or increased mobility.
In fact within 5 minutes, then within the next 2 hours they have called me to report that the further change has been very dramatic and much more of an improvement.

The conditions treated have been:

- radiculitis,
pulled muscles in the right arm and shoulder (sports injury),
tired eyes,
damaged clavicle and surrounding muscle tissue,
- hormone imbalance and ovarian pain, consistent bleeding,
arthritic fingers and bipolar condition,
- stomach upset,
- damage to spine at lumbar region,
severe headaches,
broken toe.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK