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A letter from the user of VX735L (scleroderma)

Wilbert Lentz | 16.10.2007

I bought one of these units from you in June, 2006, and have found it very useful.

I have scleroderma, a degenerative skin condition, and nothing was helping. You didn't promise that SCENAR would help, but did indicate that it helped for other skin conditions.

My scleroderma was mostly on my ankles, and what covered them couldn't really be called skin (it was more like scales on a reptile and was painful) when the unit arrived. After several daily sessions (hard to do by myself on the ankles), I began to notice a softening and decrease in pain. After a few months, the pain was gone and the ankles were covered with what looked like burned skin. My doctor could not believe the improvement.

While I am not yet cured, I use a high-quality moisturizer twice a day and only need to use the device once or twice a week now. I have always used it in COSMODIC mode, and it took about a year of daily use. My skin still looks burned (red and blue), but feels like skin and is still improving.

In case you get other inquiries about scleroderma, I thought you should know that it certainly helped me. I recommend it!

Wilbert Lentz, Canada