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Treating patients of various age groups

Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya | 2.08.2006

(Report presented at the IX International conference “High Technologies of Restorative Medicine: professional longevity and quality of life”, ASVOMED 2006, Sochi)

“Family doctor” is becoming an important issue in our country. Family doctors are really needed and even the Russian Government started supporting them. However, functions and purpose of such doctors are not yet unanimously specified and accepted. Just increasing doctor’s salary will not guarantee increase in efficiency of his work.

I have been working as a practicing physician both in Russia and abroad for many years, I have been teaching at medical college and university — that is why this problem is important for me. Now if we look at the problem from the point of view of “doctor and social environment”, “doctor and society”, “doctor and government”, the main purpose of the family doctor is improving health and preventing diseases. However many doctors consider organization and preventive work not as creative and even not as effective.

While making progress in medicine, controlling nature, splitting atom, conquering space we do not care enough about people around us. One of the burning issues of our time is the lack of live communication. Mutual understanding between doctor and patient is very important too. We should work together — that is the condition for happiness and fulfilled life for both patient and doctor. Now doctors don’t talk much to the patient due to the lack of time. Ancient Greeks said that Aesculapius power was not only in how he talked, but in how he listened. Being able to listen is also a treatment skill.

Another problem is narrow specialization of doctors. Doctors don’t practise individual approach. That is why people often try other, alternative methods of treatment — use new drugs, balsams, elixirs, many of which are of questionable quality. It is a great pity that now nearly all health issues are in the hands of those who advertise on radio, television and through the net marketing. The list of problems in our health system could be continued, but the fact is that our health is deteriorating every year, early death rate and diseases are increasing.

I believe that family doctor is a solution to many problems and health issues. The doctor should not only be universally educated, have creative approach to his work, show interest in the field he is working and update his skills, but also have an instrument, which could increase efficiency of his work. Now we have such an instrument. It is SCENAR devices produced by “LET Medical”. The device is compact, works on batteries, easy to operate, can be used nearly everywhere — at home, in the street, etc. It can be used for first aid in critical situations, for people of any age, has nearly no contra-indications.

My practical experience with SCENAR since 1999 proves this. From the very beginning I realized that I am responsible for the result of treatment and improvement, but only on condition that the patient and his family would support me in this. As a rule, I know all members of the family. I need this to create favourable conditions for recovery of the patient. It is not just my wish, but a necessity. Nutrition, hygiene, emotional comfort addressed properly lead to positive results immediately. It is necessary when working with SCENAR. You need to eliminate causes of disease, “take the patient off” medications, improve his quality of life, change his lifestyle.

When a patient comes to me we talk during SCENAR treatment, discuss his life and I often find out that his health problems are first of all connected with the family problems. It is very obvious in children. They develop the same habits which their parents have, and this way inherit the same diseases. As parents want to help their child they take an active part in the process — learn, solve their health problems, change their lifestyle. For me everything is important — how the patient lives, what problems he has, what dreams he sees at night. We should understand that the disease begins at the mental level and it is important to change the mentality of the patient, his attitude to his health and life.

When I work with SCENAR VX735Ag and EX715Ag the patient’s mood, his attitude to himself and his disease change immediately from the first session. I always ask the patient to describe how he feels. This is the only way for him to assess the dynamics and see the changes of his condition. And what is most important, he can understand why he is ill.

When the patient listens to his body, he can clearly define what prevents him from being healthy. When the body starts eliminating the cause of the disease (healing crisis), the patient is happy because he understands what is happening. It’s so nice to see a patient changing. He has new plans, develops different attitude to life. SCENAR-therapy promotes active cleaning of the body. When the body is clean, the thoughts are clear too.

When the patient changes, the world around him changes too. It’s so nice to see how relations in the family improve.

An interesting thing about children. I treat children (especially small babies) together with their mums. I put them together on the couch and work with several devices. The results don’t keep us waiting — children calm down, feel comfortable, often fall asleep. I let the mum feed the baby with breast during treatment. It is especially effective when the baby and mum are covered with OLM-1 blanket with SCENAR. You can treat a baby while he is sitting on mum’s lap, especially when treating peripheral areas (legs, arms). You can combine treatment with games, reading books. Older children should be treated in presence of mum, dad, granny, etc., as talking to the child and his parents or family member gives quicker result. During this talk the child learns what should be done for his recovery. This way the whole family is involved in the process. I always warn how the body can respond during SCENAR-therapy, so that people could react properly.

Elderly people are like children. You need to listen to them a lot and take an active part in recovery process as their complaints may change within one session. And you need to address these complaints immediately. Time spent for one session should be shorter and not more than 2 or 3 areas should be treated.

For both, children and elderly people there should be 1–2 breaks during a session, each for 15-20 minutes. This way the efficacy increases. In this case EX715Ag is very good as after it works on a problem area, the device itself “decides” if the body needs a break, or another area should be treated.

The same method is applied to patients who are seriously ill, the whole family should be involved. I teach them how to take care of such patients, give them a massage, therapeutic exercises, how to help them in critical situations.

Thanks to SCENAR now I can help people in critical situations (injuries, bruise, bleeding, hypertensic crisis, attack of cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, etc.) during the course of treatment and observation. And at the same time I teach them how to act in such situations and how to prevent them.

This way we change attitude to health in families and solve their problems.


Thanks to SCENAR technology now I can definitely say that I succeeded in being a doctor. I have a universal approach to health problems and I know how to solve them.

Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya, Ulianovsk, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”