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The use of being healthy

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov | 9.06.2003

Feeling unwell, bad sleep, headache, weakness, depressed mood are signaling about something going wrong in your body. Modern methods of diagnostics allow to quickly and reliably determine, and, sometimes, even visualize changes in the body organs and systems providing information for precise diagnosis. But having a precise diagnosis does not eliminate the problem. You have to choose what to do next. You may use traditional medications which can effectively eliminate the symptoms of your disease, but will this be enough? Our body is like a sophisticated machine, with all its parts connected to each other, and change in one of them will cause changes in the others. Disorder of one organ will lead to disorder of other organs and systems. This chain reaction will be finally spread all over the body. On the other hand, our body is not a machine, but an organism created by nature and its inherent strength has been provided by thousands of years of evolution. The nature has supplied our body with great potential able to compensate for damages it might have, like large physical and emotional overloads, etc. Though continuous stress can exhaust body reserves and result in discord of the body systems, organs, and functions. In the end a pathological reaction develops in our body and we get sick. However, most often this process can manifest in one certain region, which starts to ache and causes complaints about the organs or system located in this area. Unfortunately the patient is only examined and conducted treatment for that particular area which causes him problems and all the rest of the body is left out. What can you do in this situation? First of all you should help your body to maintain its own energy resources. Decrease damaging influence of negative factors affecting us every day, optimize your working routine and have enough rest, since overstrain is the root of all problems, do special therapeutic physical exercises, have regular and healthy meals. Physiotherapy can help you to restore your body functions. One of the most effective and affordable methods is SCENAR-therapy. SCENAR acts upon skin with special electric pulses changing with the change of skin condition during treatment. Such action evokes reactions aimed at restoration of the lost functions. This way SCENAR regulates misbalanced body systems due to restoration and harmonization of the body's own reserves. With SCENAR-therapy the recovery is 3 times as quicker. SCENAR allows to decrease medications and does not have absolute contra-indications, that is why it can be used by patients who are contra-indicated other methods of treatment. Skin surface is known to have projection areas for particular internal organs. That is why acting with SCENAR upon these areas provides regulation of the misbalanced body systems. Moreover, SCENAR series devices produce high local analgetic and anti-inflammatory effects which allow to effectively treat such disorders as vertebral osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome, injuries, bruise of soft tissues, post-traumatic joint contractures, rigid joints caused by fractures of extremities. The list of all disorders which could be treated with SCENAR is rather long. SCENAR has a great future and potential.

Alexey Olegovich Serebryakov, neurologist
Taganrog, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”