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SCENAR Successfully Used at Childrens Hospitals in Taganrog!

S. V. Toboltseva | 3.09.2003
Children's Hospitals in Taganrog
Children's Hospitals in Taganrog

Doctor is a conservative profession. It really IS!

“Do no harm” principle determines doctor’s strict following to the rules developed throughout the whole history of medicine. On the other hand, scientific and technological advance brings in new achievements: new methods of treatment employing physics, chemistry, and electronics provide great possibilities which should not be ignored and lost.

Any invention in medicine has a long way to go before it can be put into practice. But if doctors take on responsibility to let the NEW go through, this is the best warrantee. Because doctors are always serious about health... our health!

All this applies to the new medical technology — SCENAR-therapy (including both the devices and methods of treatment), as well.

Though SCENAR was invented about thirty years ago, it has only been used in practice after 11 years of trials, approved in 1986. Since that time Taganrog doctors had got this technology on hand. But this is another long story — we shall talk about it some other time.

Now we would like to tell you about how Taganrog doctors use and value SCENAR. And this time we were talking to doctors using SCENAR-technology at Maternity Hospital and Children’s Multi-Profile Hospital in Taganrog. SCENAR used for treatment of children is a trustworthy argument — there is nothing more serious and important than children’s health.

There are two main children’s medical institutions in Taganrog — Children’s Multi-Profile Hospital and the new Maternity House. Both use SCENAR-therapy for treatment of children’s diseases. The fact that Head Physicians of both hospitals are not only recommending to use SCENAR, but actively employing this new but effective technology of treatment should count for something!

Deputy Head Physician of the Maternity Hospital, Candidate of Medical Science, Galina Alexandrovna Kovaleva says:

Deputy Head Physician of the<br>Maternity Hospital,<br>Candidate of Medical Science,<br>Galina Kovaleva
Deputy Head Physician of the
Maternity Hospital,
Candidate of Medical Science,
Galina Kovaleva

First I knew about SCENAR-therapy about 9–10 years ago. When the inventor of SCENAR, Alexander Karasev, brought it to our hospital and demonstrated this new device. we decided to try it in practice and the results surpassed all our expectations! This was fantastic! Since that time I and other doctors of the Babies’ Ward use SCENAR. We have several devices (models 035-4, PS703), and all of them are used because our hospital works around the clock — babies don’t ask when to come to this world, so we must be ready to help them any time of the day and night.

Owing to my SCENAR-experience during all these years I can define main indications for using SCENAR-therapy in treatment of the new-born children: first of all — birth injuries, of course, then — pain syndrome accompanying hypoxia, reanimation after asphyxia condition (region of the back, feet, heart); premature infants with weak muscular tension, or lung malfunctioning. For 1–1.5 months old babies having respiratory disorders, complicated with bronchial or even asthmatic components SCENAR is the quickest remedy. I can say that our children are the most sensitive and quickly responding to SCENAR-treatment patients!

I would not say that SCENAR is a panacea for all disorders. Should we quit everything and use only SCENAR? — Surely not! BUT if used as additional means of treatment, SCENAR provides wonderful effect!

Taganrog Children’s Multi-Profile Hospital employs SCENAR technology since March 2003. The Head Physician of the hospital, Victor Fedorovich Kuvikov, actively initiated purchasing SCENAR-series models and instructing doctors in SCENAR-therapy methods. He knew about SCENAR from publications and got interested, collected any available information and tried to find money to purchase the devices. Explaining why SCENAR-therapy caught his attention, Mr. Kuvikov said:

I am interested in any methods of treatment which can provide real effect in treatment of children's diseases. Unfortunately our children are suffering from more and more “adult” disorders. SCENAR-therapy proved to be very effective in treatment of quite a wide range of disorders — from neurological diseases to surgical and traumatological disorders.

Having decided to purchase the devices for the hospital, the Head Physician was given a credit for a year. The next step was training the hospital doctors in using SCENAR series devices. The first doctor instructed in SCENAR-therapy was the Head of the Physiotherapy Ward of the Hospital, Vera Pavlovna Kolesnikova, who became an active supporter and user of SCENAR-therapy.

After that children from all wards of the hospital could get SCENAR-treatment in the Physiotherapy Ward. In spite of little experience in using SCENAR, Vera Pavolvna is sure that with the help of this new technology they can achieve results to be proud of — in treatment of severe forms of neurosis, particularly facial neuritis, serious orthopedic injuries, etc.

Head of the Physiotherapy<br>Ward of the Hospital,<br>Vera Kolesnikova
Head of the Physiotherapy
Ward of the Hospital,
Vera Kolesnikova

Talking about problems she says:

Of course, we have problems! We would like to have more devices and more doctors trained in SCENAR-therapy methods.

Frankly speaking these problems are the least despairing. The doctors’ urge to learn new SCENAR technology and improve methods of treatment proves that SCENAR-therapy is really effective and encourages new trends and developments in this field.

This is the real life of SCENAR-therapy

S. V. Toboltseva

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”