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“SCENAR in sport. Figure-skaters enjoy it.”

Galina Zmievskaya | 13.05.2013

I am Zmievskaya Galina Yakovlevna, an Honoured Coach of Ukraine, Honoured Coach of the USSR, and I have been working with high-class athletes of Italy, Japan, Canada, and USA. My students were participants, prize-winners and champions in Olympic Games in figure skating.

I have been using SCENAR devices for restoration after sports injuries which the athletes get during training for nearly ten years. I am using the devices myself and our doctors also use them. I own the following models: VX735L, PS705mini, 035M (Myoscen). SCENAR-therapy can eliminate any pain sensations perfectly when treating muscle bruises, hematomas, and pains in the spine. It can quickly help with ligamentous injuries and also broken bones with various degrees of severity. Most noticeable effect is observed when treating any colds and the first symptoms of headache. To quickly eliminate pain in the joints I first rub any pain-killing ointment (gel) into the skin with a thin layer (something like “Fastum Gel”) and then apply the device. This enhances analgesic effect considerably. The devices are very easy to use. The athletes themselves are using this method and can apply it in any extreme conditions. They achieve the best results both in self-treatment and sport.

I recommend “LET Medical” devices to all national sports teams and athletes.

Galina Zmievskaya,
58 Overlook ridge, Qakland NJ 07436, USA

Materials were provided by director of “SCENAR-PRO” centre
Kolchenkov Sergey Moiseevich, Sochi