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Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya | 3.09.2003

All of us have serious problems and most often they concern our health. No wonder we do our best trying to find better and safer way out. My patients have told me so many stories about their medical and non-medical adventures. Here are some of them.

First story. A woman of 52. Trauma in youth caused constant headaches.

About 5 years of suffering caused II group disablement. As a result — courses of therapy in hospital every 3 months, no life without medications. I am not going to list all the diseases she was diagnosed and medications she was prescribed. When she came to me I knew she had tried everything with no stable effect. The patient was eager to come back to normal life and the results which were achieved in treatment of my other patients inspired her as well. We started from individual health program, first of all — decrease of medications, elimination of drastic spasmolytic and sedative remedies. To improve gastrointestinal tract work we had to make serious changes in food, regimen, and do special physical exercises, enemas. Many problems were solved thanks to our discussions, when the patient was explained that much depended on her own wish to recover and her assurance of success. When the patient felt too bad, we worked with SCENAR series model 035-4, according to her complaints. 2.5 months after the treatment has been started, the patient had erysipelas of the lower extremities. With SCENAR and some folk remedies we managed to eliminate it after 7 days. After this the patient felt considerably better, headaches occurred rarer and decreased without medications. I wish you saw this woman changing! She looked much better and was coming back to normal life. A month later she had erysipelas of head. Unfortunately I was out of town at that time and the doctors put her to hospital. Three days of hospital treatment resulted in severe headaches again. Only when I came back and we had discussed everything again, she realized that medications, which she believed should produce positive results, were not only ineffective, but absolutely contra-indicated. From that moment we worked in full cooperation. The patient came back to the health program we had developed, started SCENAR-therapy according to special scheme and soon felt better and happy again.

Second story. A woman of 40. During 1.5 years suffered from lumbago and was diagnosed fibromyoma of uterus.

Since the patient suffered from pronounced pain syndrome, the doctors regularly suggested operation for uterus elimination. For a young active woman it was hard to decide on this.

Medical examination showed thoracolumbar scoliosis in the II degree. Fibromatous node was constantly changing its position in the abdominal cavity even during SCENAR-therapy session. Another peculiarity - SCENAR-therapy sessions were accompanied by loud tummy-rumbling. This indicated that main problem was some disorder of gastrointestinal tract. Some time later SCENAR-treatment and helminthic herbs therapy eliminated a big beef tapeworm.

This proves again that SCENAR-therapist should be guided not by diagnosis but main complaint of the patient!

Proper approach to SCENAR-therapy together with cleansing measures stimulate action of enormous self-restoring processes in the body and eliminate everything which hampers us from being healthy.

Now I have started working with SCENAR series model VX 735-v5 and model PS-704, and feel how the device works, as if it has become a part of my own hand! My patients not only get rid of their complaints, they grow and develop on psychological and emotional level — they start thinking not only about the disease but also about the root of the problem.

After I have met Alexander Karasev, I got only more assured that SCENAR-technology is medicine of tomorrow. Like last century was burst with computers promoting rapid civilization development, high technology SCENAR series models produced by “LET Medical” LLC will make revolution in medicine. Then SCENAR-therapist will be the main guard of our health.

Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”