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How the human body perceives “COSMODIC”

Tatyana Vasilyevna Kolchenkova | 11.11.2013
There is a main theory on how “COSMODIC” acts on the body — it adjusts its frequencies to the neuroimpulse of the patient and this neuroimpulse then easily reaches higher nervous structures responsible for adaptation and self-healing, these structures respond promptly and we get ideal results.

I have another explanation for what “COSMODIC” acts on in our body. Four years ago I learnt about Multidimensional Medicine (books by L. G. Puchko, which are available in our bookstores for 15 years already). This is a unique Cosmos, extremely interesting, great results. Here radiesthesical skills are applied. By the way, doctors in medical institutes in Germany master radiesthesia and use it in their practice. In preface to the books on Multidimensional Medicine they refer to linguistic wave geneticist P. P. Garyaev. From the info on the internet I found out that he is an out-of-favour scientist. I listened to some of his lectures, read his work called “Wave genetic code”. He states that “naked” chromosomes are far from being a complete inherited material, they are surrounded by electromagnetic “cloud”, which in fact is a wave genome. Wave genome is a means of communication between the cells, organs, tissues, and it can transmit information into the outside. And it also has all information about the human being.

Using radiesthesia method I found out that “COSMODIC” acts directly on the wave genome of the cells, and if the cell is healthy, it will not need the “COSMODIC” impulse, but if the cell is sick, e. g. it has been affected by a virus which makes this cell produce the similar sick cells, the genome of this cell will take the energy of “COSMODIC” so that it could send an amplified “SOS” signal to the body which will lead to the faster and more complete reaction of the immune system.

Another example — acute injury, for example, leg bruise. Treat it with COSMODIC for 30 minutes. Next day you will only remember about it when you touch the injured place. No swelling, and (nearly) no “black and blue”. We said that “COSMODIC” acts as if it deletes information about the fact of the injury, “erases” it. Now I understand that with the help of “COSMODIC” wave genome of the injured cells very quickly informs the body of the trauma and self-restoration mechanisms of our body are activated promptly. (But all that could have happened with the injured leg without using COSMODIC would develop due to information being transmitted through the nervous system, which is much slower).

How can children diagnosed with “your kid will even not be able to sit” restore to normal condition? You should read the articles by Kolchenkov S. M. Such children do restore and then go to normal schools like any other children. And this is because wave genome carries information about normal condition of a human body, but due to various reasons its “voice is too low” and coordination between the cells, tissues, organs and systems in the body of such children is not perfect. In such children the COSMODIC impulse is absorbed by genomes of the cells of hypothalamus and epiphysis and that is why they develop faster and “reach” the norm. This happens with children with some developmental disturbances and also autists.

How is COSMODIC viewed in Multidimensional medicine?

COSMODIC removes spatial miscoordination between the subtle-enervgy double and the physical body.

Eliminates astral infection.

Eliminates aftereffects of some negative influences which are manifested in the form of energostructures, if they are located in chakras or links between subtle bodies and chakras.

Eliminates negative emotions and their negative effect on the body on all levels. For that you need to treat the spine of the patient and paraverterbral areas for 15 minutes.

Restores telomerases. 20-minute sessions in the mornings, during 3 months. (Yes, you should have your own “COSMODIC”!)

Deep bow to A. A. Karasev — o n l y “COSMODIC” is perceived and “used” by wave genomes! Only your wonderful devices, which cannot be compared to anything else.

And no other devices!

The “Clever West” realized long ago that it is impossible to replicate this device. What magic does Alexandr Alexandrovich do to his devices and how? Nobody knows. But Russia has “COSMODIC”!

Thanks to A. A. Karasev.

Doctor Kolchenkova T. V., Sochi.

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”