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Efficacy of SCENAR-therapy for treatment of gynaecological diseases

Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya | 11.08.2006

(Report presented at the IX International conference “High Technologies of Restorative Medicine: professional longevity and quality of life”, ASVOMED 2006, Sochi)

As a private SCENAR practitioner I often have to deal with gynaecological diseases. During six years of my work I noticed that the problems women have are not only connected with infection, postnatal and other complications, but first of all with their lifestyle. Poor diet, psychoemotional stresses significantly increase the chances of developing such conditions as myoma, endometriosis, inflammatory genital diseases.

Having studied dynamics of diseases I decided to use the following approach:

— first of all, psychotherapy (finding out what caused the disease), changing lifestyle, nutrition, family relations;

— using SCENAR series devices produced by “LET Medical” (Taganrog, Russia).

As a result, I can achieve stable positive effect of treatment.

During many years there appeared new data about pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of benign hyperplastic diseases of uterus (which imply development of myoma and endometriousis). Some authors state that hysteromyoma is developed together with eldometriosis in 25–85% of women having gynaecological diseases. However, approaches to treatment of such patients are uncoordinated and contradictory. Detailed study of development of combined benign hyperplastic diseases of the uterus shows that pathological process in the uterus also involves the whole body and causes metabolic disorders: affects hepatobiliary system (hyperestrogenemia); causes functional disorders of gastrointestinal tract, often dysbacteriosis; hyperlipidemia and anemia; disorders functioning of thyroid gland and other endocrine glands, including mammary gland (mastopathy).

Such women usually have high infection index, most of them have concomitant diseases, most often these are diseases of kidneys, nasopharynx, internal genital organs. This way all the above metabolic disorders and long-lasting inflammatory processes lead to endogenous intoxication of the body.

As a rule, pathological process involves endometrium and myometrium in patients having metabolic disorders due to concomitant pathological conditions of various organs and systems of the body. This fact is rarely taken into account when doctors prescribe hormonal therapy.

Under such conditions clinical manifestations of disease remains and doctors conclude that hormonal therapy produced no effect. Very often this ends with hysterectomy. Psychoemotional stress promotes further aggravation of neuroendocrine and metabolic disorders, causes dyshormonal changes in ovaries and mammary glands. Besides, using hormonal therapy extensively for a long time will cause side effects. And now you need to think about how to eliminate or reduce side-effects and limit adverse effects on other organs and systems of the body, homeostasis, immunity, hemocoagulation, etc.

For treatment I used SCENAR series models VX735Ag, EX715Ag, 035-4 and remote probe for vaginal action EV01Ag with silver electrodes, produced by “LET Medical”.

From my personal experience I can say that together with SCENAR-therapy it is necessary to use other means helping the body to recover, choleretics, diuretics, vitamins, trace elements, immunomodulators, uterotonics, etc.

Every particular patient needs individual approach!

During 2004–2006 I have treated 12 women, age 27 to 50 yrs, with various forms of myoma (with interstitial, subserous, submucous nodes of various sizes).

Nearly all cases required several courses of SCENAR-therapy, usually three, in accordance with menstrual cycle (either before or after menstruation). This way hormonal balance is restored faster. Effect of treatment increased when I used remote vaginal electrode EV01Ag. Usually we addressed the main complaints and areas revealed as needing attention by express-analysis with VX735Ag and EX715Ag.

In 60% of patients first response was noticed in gastrointestinal tract (approximately on the 5-7th day of treatment), in 20% — urogenital system, in 10% - respiratory system. This usually manifested with mucus in urine, stool, discharge from nose and throat, leucorrhoea.

In each particular case we decide individually what should be added to treatment. I try to avoid strong medications; usually we use folk medicine, sorbents, biological supplements. During the breaks between sessions I make special programs for nutrition, body detox, exercise, self-massage, particular treatment of organs and systems of the body. In cases of acute manifestations of any condition I ask the patient to come for extra SCENAR-sessions.

Patients keep diaries where they reflect dynamics of their condition (well-being, complaints, session plan). This continues until we achieve stable effect. This usually happened after 3–6 months. The treatment included 3–4 courses of SCENAR-therapy, 10–14 days each, typically a session lasted 1–1.5 hours. During this period the patient experienced several “healing crises”. The complaints may change: e. g. first gastrointestinal tract, then urogenital system or vice versa. In two cases there were serious crises which manifested with acute respiratory diseases (high temperature, catarrhal conditions), in one case — acute condition of chronic purulent otitis, in one case — exacerbation of urolithiasis, in one case — hypertensive crisis.


  1. All patients had apparent symptoms of “healing crises” occurred with particular organs and systems of the body. After the crisis, condition of the patient improved (both genital organs and general well-being).
  2. Psychoemotional state improved quickly, patients became calmer. Sleep, appetite and relations in family improved too.
  3. Patients discharged mucus profusely.
  4. Uterus increased in size, but became softer and less painful during the first 1–2 months, and then nodes progressively decreased in size.
  5. Menstrual cycle disordered, most often it was a delay of menstruation.
  6. When condition improved, the vaginal probe became cleaner and lighter after session.
  7. Patients stop taking hormonal and other medications.
  8. Results of blood and urine tests and ultrasonic scans showed improvement.

This is a long and thorough work of SCENAR-therapist and a patient. Even if the patient has a SCENAR device of her own, she should come for check-up after some time for SCENAR-therapist to be able to plan further treatment.

Effectiveness of treatment depends on professionalism of SCENAR-therapist and his ability to find causes of disease, duration of disease, other malfunctions in the body. The patient should be willing to cooperate with the therapist. Positive dynamics is usually achieved in any case.

Competent approach to treatment promotes stable and positive result, and what is most important, allows avoiding surgical operation.


Complex approach to treatment of these pathological conditions makes SCENAR-therapy more effective and helps not only with gynecological problems but improves condition of the whole body as well.

P. S. An interesting case in my practice. Female 27 yrs, infertility. She has been treated many times with hormonal medications, during 3 years.

She has an interesting phenomenon: when she uses hormonal medications, she has menstruation, when she stops using them, she has no menstruation. Her menstruation started when she was 14, but then it occurred very rarely. She had chronic pyelonephritis from the childhood. During 2005 we restored her hormonal balance with the help of SCENAR-therapy (without using hormonal medications) and cleansing and health-improving programs. But the patient still had no menstruation!

In January this year she came to me with unbelievable news — she was pregnant! Now she is going to have a baby soon and feels very well, no complications.

Rosa Muzafarovna Smykovskaya, Ulianovsk, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”