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Detoxication of the body with the help of Cosmodic technology

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 18.01.2021

Dr Tatiana Ardaudova Kivendidu
Phd Scenar Cosmodic Specialist
Oncoloqy & Radiotherapy Specialist
Athens, Greece

“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”

I would like to begin this publication with the words of gratitude to A.A.Karasev, from myself and from my patients. We want to thank him for his humaneness and for his great input into treatment of oncology diseases!

I would also like to thank his employees for their culture and thoroughness!

One of the reasons for development of many diseases is pollution of the internal environment of the body. From the point of view of theoretical justification of homotoxicology this process describes stages of disease formation on the basis on homeostasis imbalance. Deformation of homeostasis is the initial stage of the disease.

Disorder of homeostasis is already oncogenesis.

Chemical pollution of the body occurs due to uncontrolled medication intake.

Cosmodic technology allows activating nearly all natural ways of excretory detoxication in the body:

  • Stimulates intestinal motility, which leads to speeded up excretion of toxins.

  • Stimulates clearing functions of urinary system.

  • Stimulates immune system and immune cells, and antibodies concentrated in intercellular space. They assist in clearing the body from chemical and bacterial agents.

  • Assists the liver in developing detoxification enzymes.

  • Assists the work of organs which are responsible for excretion of metabolic wastes:

  • Cosmodic-therapy regulates clearing functions of lymphatic system and circulatory system. It should be mentioned that combination of Cosmodic-therapy with food supplements, which are used as means of correction and help for maintaining health, allow to enhance the treatment effect.

    The unique system of cell clearance which carries out stimulation inside cell mechanisms of biotransformation of xenobiotics goes well with Cosmodic-therapy when the pathology has already formed.

To sum it up, it can be stated that endocrinological detoxication together and with the help of Cosmodic technology are really of great significance for stable recovery of the sick body.