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A testimonial from a U.S. national figure skating coach

Galina Zmievskaya | 21.07.2008

“In April 2007 I accompanied national figure skating team of Russia in Sochi. A chance brought me to Rehabilitation Centre «SCENAR-PRO». We could see their treatment and rehabilitation methods in action and tried treating our athletes. We were really surprised and excited with the effect of SCENAR-rehabilitation and quick result this treatment produced. Our athletes never felt so well.

Unfortunately professional athletes suffer from injuries and overload nearly every time they train. That is why we decided to buy a SCENAR PS705mini device. Now it is a member of our team. We use it when we rest, and before, during, and after training. Sometimes we have to use it during competitions and Championships.

The three-time U.S. National Champion and the 2008 Worlds bronze medalist, Johnny Weir, often suffered from injuries. He says: “This small friend (he means SCENAR) always saves me”.

We really appreciate that Sergey Moiseevich Kolchenkov introduced us to this method of SCENAR-rehabilitation. It is such a pity we did not know about it before.”

Zmievskaya Galina Yakovlevna,

honoured coach of the USSR and Ukraine, coach of the U.S. national figure skating team of 2008.
Johnny Weir, three-time U.S. National Champion and the 2008 Worlds bronze medalist.

Materials were provided by director of “SCENAR-PRO” centre
Kolchenkov Sergey Moiseevich, Sochi