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VX735Au. Chest infection, cold

Vivienne Constad | 13.04.2007

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

June 7, 2006

Presented condition

Feeling the beginnings of her usual chest infection / cold-like condition which often happens when overworked or stressed.

Case history

Female 49 yrs.
In reasonably good health.


Worked in SM first session as there was some pain in certain areas back and front to chest and back (lungs area).
She felt immediately the difference from when we worked with the silver electrodes as the feeling was deeper and with more sensation of “something being changed”, she said. Actually I was very surprised as the whole of the lung area to the back changed in texture within 15 minutes.
In fact I was aware of the change after 8 minutes but in ignorance chose to continue.
When working on the front / chest, I found 2 places, one on the right and one on the left which became unsticky in 5 minutes each and the readings normalized at that time also.
Both she and I were impressed.
Feelings after the treatment were amazing. She had no sensations of discomfort at all but was very sleepy.
She went home and slept solidly for some hours and had a restful night too. The next day she felt wonderful and therefore did not come back.

A day later and her symptoms returned but not as bad as at first, she came and we worked again, same areas: neck collar zone, lungs, adrenals, thymus and chest. Again felt great after session and no bad reactions.

Third session on the following day. Worked in CS, mostly at 40%, some areas 30%. All areas cleared of stickies in 8 minutes and session lasted 10 mins in total and she felt the good result.
She apparently has begun to expel green phlegm each morning on rising and is not yet returned to normal but feels that she is much improved to the normal course of events when this takes hold.

Did not return for any further treatment, so as it has been 2 days since the last session.
I called her and she said she had slept very well after the last session but was fully recovered now, thanks. No symptoms at all.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK