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Using New EX735Ag Slider x2 with new wide electrodes (Silver and Copper)

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 28.10.2013
Diagnosis: Exercise-induced bronchial asthma, Allergic rhinitis, Irritable bowel syndrome Age/Sex: 11/ Male

Outcome of therapy: Complete recovery
Electrode used: narrow Gold, wide Silver and finally wide Copper
Mode of therapy: Scenar-Cosmodic slider automatic and Cosmodic slider automatic
Area of Therapy: 3 Lines
Time of therapy: about 30 minutes up to 6th session and less than 10 minutes up to 12th session
Action energy level: Minimum automatic
Number of therapy sessions: Twelve

This 11 year old boy has suffered from the above diseases for several years with a lot of unsuccessful medications. On blood exam, eosinophilia was noted.

Initial therapy with narrow gold electrode on minimum energy level had brought about a very poor response from the body, failing in achieving minimum dose оn every area treated within appropriate time. On 2nd therapy session, wide silver electrode was applied with same poor response from the body. This might be presumably due to the highly congested nervous system from previous heavy medications. So, finally, new wide copper electrode was applied from the 3rd session with minimum energy level and finally body started to respond very quickly as desired. After 7th session, patient was encouraged to play football or basketball and no wheezing sound could be heard during the severe exercise and no dyspnea was reported. Frequent abdominal pain with loose stool disappeared and his bowel habit has been normalized. He is now in good healthy condition being followed up after final 12th session is over.

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim, Songpaku, Seoul, Korea