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Treatment of catarrhal otitis (new EX735Ag Modific)

Nikolay Miroshnichenko | 5.09.2011

Patient details

Gender/age: male, 18. Student
Presented condition, complaints: pains in the left ear.

Past medical history: next day after sea bathing felt stuffiness and pain in the left ear. Was examined by ENT specialist.

Diagnose: catarrhal otitis on the left side


Time of action during session: 30min.

Action modes used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider auto, Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 5, Scenar, Scenar-Cosmodic MYO auto.

Areas treated: back, cervical collar zone, Pirogov's ring, left and right ear regions.

Change of the patient's condition during and after session: during the session and after it the patient felt reduction of stuffiness in the left ear.

Total number of sessions: 5

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 5 days

Final result of treatment: recovery, which is confirmed by ENT specialist.

Comments: 10 per cent propolis solution was used locally simultaneously with Scenar.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Nikolay Miroshnichenko
Yalta, Crimea

Translated by Victoria Karlina “LET Medical”