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Treatment of bronchial asthma. (New EX735Ag Modific)

Nikolay Miroshnichenko | 20.01.2012

Patient details

Gender/age: female, 54 Office worker, lives in the village. Presented condition, complaints: complaints of dyspnea with labored expiration. Inspiration is short while the expiration is prolonged. Asthma attacks, appearing at any time of the day become worse when some flowers blossom. Coughing attacks are with a small amount of viscous and vitreous sputum. Asthma attacks may last from several hours to 2 and more days.

Past medical history: patient had been sick during last 15 years.

Diagnose: hormone-dependent bronchial asthma, atopic type, severe condition during exacerbation phase, pulmonary emphysema. Second-degree pulmonary insufficiency. Lately asthma attacks of different intensity occur almost every day. The patient was treated at hospitals many times. She has been taking hormonal medications (inhalation and tablets) constantly during the disease. Hormonal medications were efficient only at the onset of a disease. At present she is on prednisolone, 10mg per day, and inhales Becotide during attacks. Suffers from overweight. Her weight is 91 kg, height — 161 cm.


Time of action during session: 40–50 min

Action modes used: Scenar-Cosmodic Slider auto, Scenar-Cosmodic Slider 10, Cosmodic, Scenar

Areas treated: back area — 3 pathway, interscapular region, “herring-bone” pattern on the lungs area, the front surface of the chest, Pirogov’s ring.

Change of the patient’s condition during and after session: at the first session the patient came with bronchial obstruction. After the first session she noted improvement in her state: dyspnea is less expressed, breathing became clearer, she coughed up phlegm.

Total number of sessions: 15

Total time of treatment (days, weeks): 3 weeks

Final result of treatment: her well-being continued to improve from session to session. Attacks became less severe and less frequent. Patient stopped taking prednisolone gradually, beginning with the first session. After the third session the patient noted a sharp medicinal smell of her sweat and taste of medications in her mouth. It lasted 2 days. By the 10th session the patient noted that the clothes she wore at that time became too big. By the end of the course of treatment her weight was 84.5 kg.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Nikolay Miroshnichenko
Yalta, Crimea
[email protected]

Translated by Victoria Karlina “LET Medical”