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Treating children with EX735Au Modific (gold electrodes)

Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim | 19.02.2009

I. Synchronisation of energy with mother and the importance of mother-child relationship

Patient Age/Sex: 7/Female
Diagnosis: Rapid deterioration of visual acuity without known causes
Action mode: Cosmodic/A1
Methodology: 3 lines and various acupuncture sites

This 7-year old pretty girl went into Cosmodic treatment accidentally during the Cosmodic therapy of her mother for chronic relapsing cystitis. I found that her mother showed persistent high R values in one specific area and that it could be related with her psychological problem. Later on during the treatment, she talked to me about the deep psychological trauma she had in the past. As we continued our therapy, she took her daughter one day complaining of her eye problem and told me that the ophthalmologist had warned she could lose her vision sooner or later.

On the spot, I checked her with EX735 and recommended to give her Cosmodic treatment, which she had agreed fortunately. Her daughter looked a little depressed and very sensitive at a glance. Before the start of therapy, I explained how her deep psychological trauma could affect her daughter. Interestingly enough, this girl showed persistent high R values at the same specific site with her mother’s during the course of treatment, simultaneously given to them. After 2nd therapy session, she felt the tingling sensation of both eyes and glasses did not fit any more, resulting in taking them off since then. After 4th session, she had suffered from multiple urticaria on whole body without itching sensation, but with severe fatigue.

The severe multiple urticaria disappeared after a week without any treatment, naturally. She looked more vigilant and merrier than ever.

We have completed the ten sessions of therapy without any other healing reaction. Her mother also showed the complete resolution of bladder inflammation on urinalysis after 10 sessions of therapy.

After one month later, this little girl was checked up by the ophthalmologist, and the exam result showed her left vision improved from 0.3 to 1.0 and right one from 0.9 to 1.0 without glasses, to his surprise. Her mother is also symptom-free with normal urinalysis result. I will continue to monitor and support “this healthier mother-child relationship newly achieved by EX735Au Modific.”

II. Faster removal of the problem and enhanced immunity

Patient Age/Sex: 4/Female
Diagnosis: Bronchial asthma with severe allergic rhinitis
Action mode: Cosmodic/A1
Methodology: 3 lines and some acupuncture points

This beautiful little girl has been suffering from bronchial asthma for about 8 months and allergic rhinitis for several years. She was heavily medicated for asthma with little improvement before visiting my clinic with her mother. Expiratory wheezing could be heard in both lung fields on auscultation with a lot of rhinorrhea. Recently, she had been coughing with profuse sputum for several hours in the morning. We immediately went into Cosmodic therapy. Right after the first session, she had begun to cough with huge amount of sputum and rhinorrhea for almost 5 hours without stopping. Her mother called at me for help out of panic. I explained what this reaction meant and how this would work for the complete resolution of her problem. On her next visit three days later, her complexion looked brighter and more transparent. There was no wheezing sound on auscultation, coughing and rhinorrhea decreased to almost naught. She seemed to enjoy the remaining sessions of treatment with the full anticipation for healthy life without dyspnea, coughing and rhinorrhea. One month later after the completion of ten sessions, she was perfectly in normal condition. Her mother told me that she could overcome the common cold without medication, which was unthinkable in the past. Surely, her immunity seemed to have been boosted by Cosmodic given with gold electrode. She has definitely become a beautiful golden girl…..

III. All solutions lead to Cosmodic as all roads lead to Rome.

Patient Age/Sex: 11/Male
Diagnosis: ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Irritable bowel syndrome
Allergic rhinitis
And many more…..
Action mode:Cs/A2
Methodology: Mainly acupuncture points with intermittent 3 lines

This 11-year old boy was referred to me for the numerous problems listed above. He was diagnosed as ADHD several years ago. He looked a bit obese, sensitive and distracted. He has been taking acetaminophen for headache almost for two years. I gave him the meaning of this treatment and how he should cope with the reactions of the treatment with me. After 1st session, a large amount of bowel gas passage was noted for a week, and his bowel habit normalised to one time per day thereafter. After 2nd session, he said that he had a good sleep without any headache. After 3rd session, his mother reported that nail-biting habit had appeared without any change in his hyperactive, distracted behaviour. All the physical problems were disappearing one by one after each session, but the psychological one seemed to be obstinate to any change as expected.

After 4th session, his nasal allergy almost disappeared to our joy. Sleeping, bowel habit, headache, nasal allergy and some minor physical problems were all normalised within 4 consecutive sessions. One important change we could observe in his psychology was the disappearance of nail-biting habit after 4th session. I persuaded a bit disappointed mother to continue the therapy, making sure that we could make a very positive change in his ADHD. So, with her support, I continued the therapy up to 9th session, using various meridian points and 3 lines. Finally, his teacher in school reported that there was a significant change in his behaviour and mood. He is very much attentive to his class works , sports and in better relationship with his friends. On my observation, he seemed more concentrated, pleasant and expressive. We have finished the 10th session and he would be followed up after three weeks later.

I think this boy has made a good friend with Ex735Au Modific gold most of all…..

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Soo-Kyung Kim,
Saekyung Longevity Clinic in Integrative Medicine
Songpaku, Seoul, Korea