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The Patients Impressions of SCENAR-therapy

| 23.06.2003
Patient L., 41 years old. Basic diagnosis: chronic hairy-cell leukemia in the third stage. Complications: thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, secondary immune deficiency, hepatomegalia, somatogenic asthenisation. Concomitant diseases: chronic bronchitis, chronic gastroduodenitis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic cholecystitis.

I was diagnosed lymphoproliferative disease in March 2001.

But this primary diagnosis turned out to be not quite exact one and I was conducted improper methods of treatment (a course of chemotherapy according to the following scheme — vincristine, cусlophosphаnum, prednisolone), which caused further worsening of blood condition. After some pause in treatment I had splenectomy successfully done on June 26. Unfortunately, by that time my spleen practically could not function, which resulted in necrosis of vessel capillaries of jejunum wall and on July 3 caused perforating ulcer affected jejunum in several spots accompanied by severe peritonitis. On July 4, I was conducted resection of the jejunum along the suture left from splenectomy and was applied decompressive enterostomy, which was removed on September 25.

After all abdominal operations I had undergone, there was a 25 cm long keloid cicatrix left and ugly formless cicatrix left after enterostomy. Doctors warned me that these cicatrices will ache all my life. In fact, they ached a lot reacting upon autumn cold weathers or atmospheric pressure changes. Even pain killers could not help to eliminate the pain.

I decided to apply for help to professional and experienced SCENAR-therapist, Tatiana Ivanovna Borovetz. Frankly speaking I was rather skeptic about SCENAR in the beginning, though I heard a lot of positive responses about the results this unique device produced, from both patients and doctors. When by the end of the first session I felt pain decreasing, all my doubts about efficiency of this method disappeared. In the evening, about 6 hours after treatment there appeared SCENAR-reactions I was warned about by the doctor — temperature raised up to 38°C (which decreased to normal by next morning) and abdominal pains increased, especially in the region of post-operative cicatrices. But by midnight the pains were significantly decreasing, though did not disappear completely. Next day, during the second session, pains were so slight that soon I forgot about them bothering me. It should be noted that after the first course of 10 sessions of SCENAR-therapy the cicatrices changed much, especially the biggest one. Hard, blue and finger thick it became soft, normal colour and flat. A year and a half have passed after the first course of SCENAR-treatment, but no relapses of pain syndrome occurred since then.

The first course was conducted with SCENAR series model 612, which is a higher level professional multipurpose device, which allows diagnosing functional disorders at early stages and conducting physiological examination of the body and finding out pathological foci.

SCENAR-therapy with this model allowed not only to eliminate pain syndrome and significantly decrease post-operative cicatrices, but also promoted quick recovery of my organism and let me come back to normal life and return my working ability much sooner than I expected.

After my own experience has proved that SCENAR was really a unique technology, I started getting SCENAR-therapy courses (10–15 sessions each) by Tatiana Borovetz quite regularly — every 2 3 months. It should be noted that Tatiana Ivanovna is one of the most experienced SCENAR-therapists, who has been professionally involved in this field helping people for about 10 years. She keeps up to date and acquires the newest SCENAR series models, which she successfully uses in her work.

Next courses of SCENAR-therapy were conducted with PS705 model, which is very different from the previous series in its wave and energy characteristics. Due to these features the device produces vibrations which are perceived by the body as its own ones and this provides accumulation of electromagnetic potential developed by the device and further spread of this potential all over the body. Treatment of organ projections and points meant for action goes smoother but is much more effective due to subtle vibrations present in this series. Using this SCENAR series model 100% effectively requires deep study of multidimensional structure of the human body. Only experienced SCENAR-professional can successfully apply such knowledge in treatment.

My periodical treatment with SCENAR produced one more striking result which I would like to enlarge upon. It is interesting not only for SCENAR-therapists and their patients, but traditional medicine as well. While I was put in hospital in December 2001 the ultrasound examination revealed cystic fluid formation 111x114 in size, in my left hypochondrium. Having studied the picture of ultrasound examination and palpated my abdomen, Professor X., Doctor of Medicine, the head of Portal Hypertension Ward, confirmed that the formation I had in my left hypochondrium was most probably a cyst of the left adrenal gland or cauda pancreatis and offered operation, which I had quite a number done before. I declined surgical intervention and during a year or more continued regular (every 2–3 months) courses of SCENAR-therapy. Guess what? My cyst disappeared! First this noticed the head of the clinic ward I visited for regular observation, after ultrasound examination. But I was not quite sure about this until more modern ultrasound equipment used at hematological clinic revealed no tumour too. The doctor who diagnosed the cyst in my body over a year ago could not believe his own eyes when this time he found nothing! He even called his colleagues to witness this phenomena. To be absolutely sure in this fact, I was recommended having computer tomography of the abdomenm done, which finally confirmed no tumour.

This fact made me believe in the effect of regular SCENAR-therapy courses even stronger. During the last course Tatiana Ivanovna used the latest modification of SCENAR series models — VX735-v5. In these models distant feedback over the energy field not only of the treated area but of the whole body was used for the first time. This allows restoration of the body at all levels and speeds up recovery several times as quicker. At present this is the most effective SCENAR series model.

Besides the two examples above, it should be noted that in general SCENAR-therapy has also provided additional positive effect on my well-being and made my life of a patient suffering from such rare disease as hairy-cell leukemia much easier. Here are some facts.

First, total blood count indices improved. They are the first indicators of condition of the patient suffering from hematological disorders.

WBC Neutrophilic Segmented Lymphocyte Monocyte Platelet count HB ESR
Before SCENAR-therapy 1,0-2,5х109 0-10 10-40 40-85 0-2 30-80х109 90-110 15-30
After SCENAR-therapy 2,5-4,0х109 1-6 40-70 20-45 2-10 130-280х109 110-120 3-10

Of course, the blood count indices are not perfectly normal, but for a patient suffering from hairy-cell leukemia characterized by suppressed hemopoiesis causing cytopenia of peripheric blood these are good counts.

Second, hairy-cell leukemia increases possibility of getting infected with and developing of autoimmune syndrome. It is a known fact that most patients die not from the leukemia itself but from the infection they got due to weak immune system which just cannot conquer the disease got through that infection. In this respect I must tell you that last two winters I even had no usual cold, not to mention the flue or something of the kind. And this is despite constant visiting crowded public places, when possibility of catching a cold was very high. I should also mention that my condition does not allow anti-flue vaccination.

I can give many positive examples of using SCENAR, but my case seems to be the most vivid. The fact that having such diagnosis and so serious operations done I am still alive and can work and live like other healthy people speaks to itself. Of course, I am not claiming that my recovery was possible thanks to SCENAR therapy only, but positive effect of SCENAR-therapy combined with methods of traditional medicine is a proven fact which nobody can deny.

The only thing I was upset about all this time was having no SCENAR device of my own. It would be just wonderful to have it at home, always at hand. So many health problems could be quickly eliminated without any medications, at home. Now when I know that SCENAR-therapy really provides high effect of treatment from my own experience, I am seriously concerned about purchasing this “magic doctor” for myself and my family. In spite of its cost I am sure that this device is worth it.

In addition I would like to say that SCENAR can be widely used both at various stages of treatment of hematological pathological conditions, preventing possible complications, and for elimination of various local pathologies, which finally can solve one of the acutest problems of the patients suffering from such conditions, i. e. significantly improve their life and increase the number of those who managed to survive.

If you have any other questions about my personal experience of using SCENAR-therapy and its positive effect, body responses upon treatment and other things, I will be happy to share my experience. One article cannot embrace all the details.

E-mail me to: [email protected]

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”