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Post-operative treatment of breast cancer

Dr. med. Tatiana Arnaudova Kivendidu | 22.02.2019

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”


Reaction of the patient to disease, especially such severe disease as cancer can be considered as its symptom. Patients who have cancer, when they learn about their condition, feel fear, depression. Psychological reaction of the patient to cancer diagnosis is connected with concept of cancer as incurable disease. That is why we need to undermine this concept before we start SCENAR-COSMODIC therapy, and then this technology will obviously and convincingly show the results which eliminate negative reactions and successfully solve the problem.

It is necessary to check the results of cancer treatment with special investigations before, in the process of and after treatment. And this testifies to advisability of scenar-cosmodic therapy.

Female patient, 43 yrs. was diagnosed with breast cancer with metastases (liver, lungs, spine [Th 9], skin).

[Аdeno-Carcinoma Gl. Mammae dex. Grade III Classification - St. p T2M1N1 & Carcinoma in situ Gl. Mammae sin. ]

She came to me complaining of the disease which she had suffered from for a long time (3 years).

The result of her condition after combined treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) – radical mastectomy of left and right breast.

Postoperative treatment included a course of chemotherapy. Later she had undergone radiotherapy of the spine.

Device used: EX 735 SLIDER x2 PROFESSIONAL


Total number of sessions – 20 sessions (1 course). Chemotherapy was stopped after the 8th session.

Areas treated: face, 6 points, 3 pathways, general zones, liver, lungs, intestines, pancreas.

Total time of action during a session: 1hr 30 mins. We were dosing nearly in each area of treatment.

Sessions were conducted every other day. Action energy level – minimal.

We noted improvement of general well-being. The patient grew hair and brows. Bioenergy level had increased.

Investigations before treatment:

Tumor markers: CA 15-3 =33,7 IU\ML [25.0 IU\ML

CEA= 2,3 NG\ML [5NG\ML]

PLT[ platelets]=103 K\ML [150-400 K\ML] - thrombocytopenia

Investigations during treatment:

CA 125 = 17,3 U\ML [35 U\ML]

CEA= 2,6 NG\ML [5 NG\ML]

CA 15-3= 16,5 IU\ML [25.O IU\ML]

PLT platelets =342 K\ML [140-450 K\ML]

Results of ultrasound investigations show positive dynamics of the tumour process:

Metastases in liver before treatment: sizes up to 10-12 mm.

During treatment: sizes up to 6,8-10mm. Moreover, some of them were not detected. New metastatic lesions of lungs, spine, skin were not detected. It should be noted that the treatment resulted in clinical remission in the view of metastatic constituent.

During Scenar-Cosmodic therapy the patient had a complex system of cell clearance, antioxidant complex [chronobiological correction of the body].

Due to successful results of the first course of therapy, there is a really good prognosis for stable improvement.

Treatment ongoing.

Regards, Dr.Т.Kivendidu
13 February 2017