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Parkinson’s disease… Three months later

Noor Mohammed | 6.12.2005

Below is update on Parkinson’s disease case described in Parkinson’s disease. The HEALTH story!

November 8, 2005

Dr. Nur Muhammed:

“My chronic patient is still doing well and we have managed to reduce the morning dose of levadopa drugs by 50 mg. This was quite difficult as the last time she has had her levadopa drugs was at 5pm the previous night.

Now she is taking a total of 400 mg of levadopa drugs during 24 hours compared with 700 mg when we started SCENAR in May this year.

Main sustained improvements have been:

  1. much better mobility throughout the day/li>
  2. mobility lasting until about 10pm at night
  3. better speech
  4. more power in arms
  5. no paralysis at night while in bed
  6. better cognitive function
  7. better problem solving ability
  8. much less depression
  9. able to use computer, sometimes able to type with both hands
  10. better ability to cope with stress
  11. better ability to drive car for longer and more often”

The materials are provided and published with permission of
Dr. Noor Mohammed, Edinburgh, UK