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Observations of Dr. I. Karpenko on EX735Ag, (29 October, 2007)

Igor Karpenko | 29.10.2007

I would like to share further impressions of EX735Ag.

I repeat again that EX735Ag is a great physiotherapeutic device which is unique in its ability to tune itself for treatment and diagnostics. It is a real “RoboDoc”, the effect it produces is only positive.

News on the patients reported before (see Impressions on use of SCENAR-COSMODIC EX735Ag)

Male patient 63 yrs, is having stable improvement. We have conducted 18 sessions with the rectal probe now, the last 8 sessions were conducted every other day as suggested in the manual for chronic conditions. He has some little dysuric disorders only in the morning now. We are going to conduct the next course of treatment in 1 month.

Female patient 54 yrs suffering form bipolar disorder is having a stable improvement too, no “switch” to other states. We have conducted 20 sessions.

I have used the device on myself. The impressions after 30 minutes of treatment (which has been conducted for prophylactic purposes on the active points) are interesting: feeling of lightness in the whole body and cheerfulness.

I could stop acute respiratory disease in my son giving him 1 session with EX735Ag.

Igor Karpenko, Krasnodar, Russia

Translated by Elena Khatkova “LET Medical”