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Non-benign pancreatic tumour (EX735Ag Slider and new EX715Ag)

Vivienne Constad | 27.02.2013

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

September 2012

Female: 55 yrs
Diagnosis: Non benign Pancreatic tumor

Conventional Treatment administered: Chemo last year

Refused more chemo and prescribed radio therapy — refused this also.

Has come for as much recovery as is possible and after having been to several consultants became bed bound and very depressed.

After having a telephone consultation with me, her husband was able to coerce her into attending clinic with me and from there we worked with correcting diet, reducing stress and using Slider in gold for three sessions prior to EX715Ag. The following will describe how we progressed from there.

On arrival her complaints were: She had pain below shoulder on left and pancreas / spleen area.

Her stools were black.

She was very depressed. She had enough strength to get up and out of bed, but only just. Her movements were very slow and she complained of no energy. She felt poor and aching, her body did appear as one could expect her to, after chemotherapy i. e. thinning hair, ashen in colour, weak muscles, skin dirty to look at but sticky to touch. Sweaty and head fog, lightheadedness. Not feeling good, slight nausea. Aches all over including legs, hips.

Treatment 1

28th August 2012

Model used: Treated with EX735Ag Slider.

High readings were shown at neck and C7 plus lower spine also.

Total treating was on 19:45 using Slider 5 to dose in both these areas followed SCENAR MYO over liver. Overall ratio from slider was shown to be 6:4 at end.

Changes to her condition at end:

Energy had increased. Nausea was somewhat less. Her pallor had improved and now she appeared pink once more. Overall she felt a little better but most of all her mood was good. She still appeared tired and moved slowly.

Treatment 2

31st August 2012

Presiding symptoms:

Her appointment at the hospital was yesterday and she felt confident enough to remember to tell them that her stools had been black. She was so weak though, that she had meant to tell them that the reason she was saying this, about her stools (faeces) was because since my last session with her, the black stools had gone and now her stools were normal in colour and shaped again. However they panicked and then told her that this meant that the tumor was getting bigger and worsening although she said she felt better! They scared her so much that she couldn’t speak and left the hospital and came over to me crying and in pieces.

Presiding symptoms at this time:

Her legs had felt heavy after the last treatment but now this had gone.

Yesterday on waking she had soreness beneath left breast.

30 minutes later pain had come around her left kidney area followed by left shoulder blade and below was there for the day and then went.

Stools still normal, no black. Because of dietary changes we had made for her, they were totally different and felt different also.

She also reported that she felt electrical signals coming and going around her head yesterday 4 to 5 times. She had this in the past but had forgotten to tell about it.

Treatment — Slider:

Once again her readings were high at neck, C7 and below lower lumbar.

Both at C7 and coccyx the ladder pattern had shown on the display for the longest time and did not dose. At each of these placements the ladder was for more than 10 minutes. After this patterning a different pattern occurred where the bars were further apart but very regular. We noted this. We stopped the session at 35:45 with an overall ratio of 5:5. Treating only in slider auto this time.

I would normally carry on when I get the ladder pattern but I am being cautious with this lady at the moment, time wise.

Treatment 3

4th September 2012

Presiding symptoms: In her words,

‘Been ok this week, nothing major.’

Then we discussed this and she decided that, this week she had had pains on both shoulders coming and going all week on and off. Also at lower left side around kidney points. More of an ache. This morning early she had severe diarrhea. She had been trying the new Budwig diet for cancer and this contained much cottage cheese and flax seed oil, which she thinks caused this. But her energy is great and she is mentally bright again.

She felt a little bit down yesterday on waking but improved over time. Her appetite is coming back and she feels she has fight in her again and wants to live.


Cosmodic- Scenar- and Slider 5.

Treated stomach, lower spine and shoulders today.

Two long doses were this time at top, bottom and left shoulder each of which was more than 9 mins no dose. We restrained the time, as she was limited to how long she could sit before weakening.

On taking readings she was quite sweaty today and sticky.

She has noticed her body excretions everywhere, ie sweat, bowels, etc had been for a long time now very bad smelling and this week had improved.

After she felt a lot better and her movements were fast and more like herself from the past.

She felt nothing dramatic to say about changes after, but that she felt better, happy and more positive and not in pain.

Treatment 4

7th September 2012

EX715Ag new model:

Mode used: S1

From her last session the beneficial effects had lasted until half way through the week following. She had had achy pains in her back after this, which had now subsided and were now just a small tiny bit and not constant. No further symptoms.

Her stools still normal and a bit yellowish (likely to be the cottage cheese etc) but still not black any more. Energy – very good. Emotionally she is much better. She is doing things that she has not been able to do for a long time now.

Presiding symptoms: shoulders a bit tight, pulling on the left and lower back painful and achy.


Having used the diagnostic over all of 3 pathways and found very little change in bar readings, I decided to work where she felt the most sensation. At her shoulders, she felt that she wanted me to stay here as it felt such great relief. I dosed in S1 this whole area beginning at the middle (1:24 min) and following two doses to the left (1:07min and 00:45 min) and then two to the right. (00:49 min and 00:34min)

I went up next to the head and neck. On C3 the device dosed in 28 secs.

One to left (1:05min) and then right (1:21min).

Below on C7 I dosed 38secs followed by other two places which dosed at 38 secs and 29 secs respectively.

I then went to the lower spine and in S3, power level 45, massaged the entire area for 10 minutes and during this time she said that it felt like something had released and something had relaxed. She never had this sensation before and felt that something big had just happened but could not say more about it so far.

I then gave a dose to each side on trapezius/ deltoid. Followed by a dose on each adrenal.

Total time was 36:09

Changes after session:

She looked amazing after this session and her husband commented that she had not looked like this for a long time.

She felt great, she said and full of energy and life and no pain, very relaxed and ready to face the world.

Some days later, they called me to report that as she is feeling so good at the moment and they have some family things come up, they have to go out of the country for a couple of weeks so will call me in three weeks to re book.

She did also say on her way out, that she was surprised to have received such a profound treatment from this device, it being so small etc. I had told her that it was a personal use device and may not be the same as the slider. However this was her feeling.

I am now waiting for them to call to rebook the next session.

The materials were provided by
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK