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EX735Ag. Treatment of muscle spasm and complications

Vivienne Constad | 11.02.2008

© Dr. Vivienne Constad

22nd October 2007

Presented condition:Muscle spasm to upper thoracic, causing a tightness in breathing and pain / stiffness to right shoulder and neck. Male 67 years.

Treated, day 1, day 3 and then following twice weekly.

Brief medical history:

Slightly overweight, lung issue.
Treated successfully for prostate cancer 3 yrs ago.
Urethral stricture as a result of previous operation.
Recurrent depressive anxiety.
Double inguinal hernia: treated.
Prone to basal cell carcinoma to skin at temples.
Since radiotherapy has suffered irritation to mucous membrane of bowel.
Post femoral injury 30 yrs ago causes occasional discomfort to patella.

First session.

40 minutes in CS mode.

Areas of priority were shown to be upper thoracic, T7—T12 and coccyx.

Having followed all body priorities and minimum dosing each, the session was complete.

I had chosen CS as a mode as I wanted to achieve as much change as possible and also none of the issues were acute. However it may have been that he would have required Sc as most conditions had been in the body for some length of time.

The device stayed in the Cs setting and he seemed very, very responsive and easy to dose, for a first session!

Observations post session

The lower lumbar felt loosened and freer — more mobile.

Sacrum was freer and looser.

Almost as if his whole spine had lengthened.

He also reported that he felt the feeling from the right shoulder up through to the neck seemed like there was something going on!

Another thing was that since birth he has had independent vision and now he feels that he has more control over them drifting.

Second session

He had noticed since last session his walking had improved and this had given him some confidence and enabled him to do more with less worry of self-damage.

His sleep had also become more refreshing.

His urine stream has now improved and he describes it now as a good stream.

We worked today for 30 minutes after which he felt a slight awareness of slight aching in the head but the right shoulder was easier and neck much improved.

Third session

Today he complained of a tightness of chest and breathing and stiffness in right shoulder.

He had noticed a mild detox after last session of the bowel.

Also further changes again to all areas that had improved at the last session.

Priority was shown at this level and again upper thoracic and very pronounced at coccyx.

Working again in Cs for 44minutes and 12 seconds.

Observations post session.

Loosened mucous in head (need to clear nasal passages considerably)

Release in lumbar region and sacrum.

Shoulder and neck released and more, free.

light stiffness and tenderness in coccyx and lower lumbar.

Fourth session

He noticed and commented on arrival that the neck was definitely becoming more free and improved greatly.

He was feeling more confident about this.

He complained today of a slight sensation and ache to the right rib cage and a stiffness to the lower lumbar area.

Work time was 44 minutes and 35 seconds.

Although satisfaction and result had occurred within 20 minutes there was no reason to suspect any disadvantage of working longer.

Having worked on the shoulder again this session a slight numbness had occurred which he felt was a move forward. This cleared soon after.

Observations post session.

Ribs felt a little aching.

Lower lumbar felt more comfortable now.


He took with him PS705Ag this day and is now going to continue working the following 3 session alone.

He will be in touch when this is done and continue the course seeing me on the occasion until the break period when he will keep me updated on his recovery.

The materials were provided and published with permission of
Dr. Vivienne Constad, London, UK